I'm only 36 weeks prego but I'm a first time mom.. How do I nicely tell people that if I want your advice or opinion I'll ask for it .. Im concerned I might hurt people's feelings if I don't do it their way .. Help please

Mama D 0 likes

" don't take this the wrong way, I respect your opinion but I'm going to do what I think is best. For my little one. I'm sure there will be mistakes along the way but no one is perfect. Thank you for your concerns" is what I would say to the overbearing ones. In my opinion it's one thing to ask for advice And another to have it shoved down your throat lol Good luck !

Jenna O 5 likes

I had the same problem. I would just let it go in one ear and out the other. It was hard but it got easier with practice :P

Jaime S 2 likes

You have to learn not to take it personal. The unwanted advice is not going to stop from here on out. Just smile and say thank you or no thank you and leave it at that. Welcome to being a parent. Just wait till the first week of having a brand new baby. You will get overwhelmed with opinions of breastfeeding vs formula. It's fun. ( sarcastically said) you just have to do your best. Everything will be ok!

Heather J 6 likes

I would just smile and say "thank you". No commitment either way. Though I agree it's VERY annoying.

Rachelle R 1 like

Tell them to not take it the wrong way or just listen to what they say and act like your listening. Some people will try and be "know it alls" and being pregnant your on edge. Don't be upset. Ppl just want to help. I used to "pretend" to listen to ppl all the time

Julia J 1 like

Don't bother they won't listen, say thanks and keep doing what you want anyway. I have two kids and the "advice " is good and sometimes downright stupid. If your kid is fine and happy, do you what you want and keep it moving.

Jennifer M 1 like

It happens a lot! Just say I will keep it in mind, thanks. Let it roll off ya...

E B 1 like

Just smile and nod. "I'll keep that in mind!" "Oh, interesting!" "I never thought of it that way! MAYBE we'll look into it". No commitment. Also, as a first time mom I learned that doing it "my way" wasn't always wise. People who have had kids know things you don't. I ended up using some of the unsolicited advice I got with success, even though when I was pregnant I said "I'm not going to do it that way".

BoyMom 1 like

Smile and nod, then do it your own way. The only people you should have to tell to back off are people that try to do things with your baby that you don't want them to... Feed them food too early, refuse to give baby back to go to sleep or whatever issues you run into. Unfortunately it's just part of having a new baby

Masha M 0 likes

Honestly I had to learn to ignore it in that I listen smiled politely (grind my teeth) thru it and said thank you! People are generally iodinated and when they know it's ur first time mom it's their way of offering help/guidance ... Good luck

Marisol M 0 likes

People are going to tell you their opinion all the time and it gets even worse once the baby arrives I'm still dealing with brushing it off but it's hard smiling and nodding is the best thing but I know much easier said than done

Linsi M 0 likes

Just smile & nod & do what you want. People are going to make comments while you're in public about why your baby is fussing. I just ignored them. You're the mama, not them, so you are going to do what's best for you & your baby regardless of what everyone else is doing or saying

Kara G 1 like

One of the annoyances of pregnancy unfortunately. I learned to just smile and nod because saying anything would just start a debate. Everyone's an expert on your pregnancy. 😒

Julianna V 1 like

Thank you for the examples ..I hope that people will listen .. I have a few overbearing people who think they know best cause they did it 30 years ago and it worked then... Technology has changed and there are different ways to do it now so I hope it works

Momma To T 0 likes

You will be a totally different person when your baby is born. It'll naturally go in one ear and out the other. You will do things your way until you ask for help with a certain something. Sometimes opinions are great, other times they're just annoying!

Sasha C 0 likes

"Thanks but I'm ok."

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