I'm not pumping any milk πŸ˜” his NICU doctor only wants him getting breast milk & I got a decent amount of colostrum the first night which will last him all day tomorrow but havnt gotten anything else 😞

Laura H 4 likes

Your milk will come in soon!! Mine came in on day 4 so hang in there and I'm sure it will happen soon! Just keep pumping to stimulate the milk production πŸ˜‰

Haley < 3 likes

Oh good I thought it'll never happen, I pump every 3 hours for 20 minutes, but boy oh boy , owwie after a bit

Katie S 2 likes

It's on its way! Keep pumping!!

Suellen D 1 like

keep pumping! the more u pump the more milk will come in

Laura H 1 like

Just wait! Pumping will feel like a huge relief after your milk comes in and you get engorged! But I totally agree, pumping makes my boobs sore if I do it often!

JVP 1 like

Keep pumping! It will come!!

Teddy P 1 like

Mine took 3 and a half LONG days to come in. I know u said hes in the nicu, but is there any way u can do skin to skin? If so, that helps your milk come in faster

Teddy P 2 likes

Also, use lanolin cream on nipples to prevent cracks- those hurt!

Mom of Boys 1 like

Don't give up!! You will get it!! I got a few drops when I first started pumping also and then nothing for like a day and a half. Not even a drop. I thought it wasn't going to happen but then it did and I was able to build up a pretty good supply. My son was a preemie and in the NICU also. Be encouraged it gets better.

Becki S 2 likes

Drink lots of water, eat oatmeal and keep pumping the milk will come!! Also u can use your colostrum to rub on your nipples it'll make them feel better after pumping. Or at least it did for me, my dr said there's healing vitamins and such in it!

Haley < 2 likes

The only skin I get to touch is the put my hand in and I put my finger tip in his tiny hands, he squeezes and holds on, it's the most amazing thing. I'm not giving up! Thanks ladies!

Andy 1 like

My milk didn't come in until day 4 or 5. It's totally normal. Try coconut oil for comfort on your nipples. I used it and never had a crack or pain at all.

Tay B 1 like

You got this girl! Keep going and don't give up! My milk came in around day 5 for my first son and day 3 for my second. It always varies.

R S 1 like

Keep trying and pumping to stimulate your boobs. C section mamas always take longer to get milk in (and effort) mine didn't come in until day 4 or 5 because my baby was mad and didnt want to work for it (instant gratification baby) Keep trying, you are doing great!

Kelly D 1 like

Nobody really tells you that your milk won't come in until a few days after. Colostrum is all a baby really needs for up to a week after, so don't worry too much. It'll come. (:

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