I'm just trying to understand: why is there such a rush to introduce solids? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until 6 months, with a few exceptions, of course. If your baby can't sit up on his own and does not have full head control, you should probably wait. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/many-babies-starting-solid-foods-too-early-cdc-study-says/

Kristin β 2 likes

I think some parents get ahead of themselves with wanting to try the next new thing with their babies. I know I was super excited to see how my child handled food from a spoon. Lol. But I waited until she was well ready.

Sarahi V 0 likes


Jo I 2 likes

My gastroenterologist does not let us introduce food until our baby girl is 6 months. She's five months now. Looking fwd to seeing her taste something other than formula.

Mary J 0 likes

I'm all about instincts. All babies are different. If you feel your child is in need of more than formula or breast milk then by all means! I've been told many times that the 6 months is a suggestion. Not a requirement. :)

Charlotte E 2 likes

A lot of moms I know start at four weeks with rice porridge to get the babies to sleep longer at night. I don't like the idea, though. As much as I could ( when MIL wasn't watching the kids) only I breastf ed til 6 months.

Mich I 2 likes

Who cares? As long as our babies are healthy and happy what does it matter? I have yet to hear of a baby who is unhealthy because their mom fed them formula too early! Does it cause obesity.. News flash everything does!! Our society is fat and lazy it isn't because we eat rice cereal "too early". The aap def does not dictate what goes on in my house.. My mom instincts and my pediatrician make that call.

Mich I 1 like

Plus.. I guess my son will be at risk for that loooong list of diseases because ( gasp) he's a formula baby!!! This article serves no helpful purpose other then to attempt to scare people and make moms feel like crap!

Joanna T 0 likes

Thank you for posting this!

Erin S 1 like

I agree! Babies bodies and digestive systems are not ready to have anything but breast milk or formula til 6 months of age. There wouldn't be so many medical documents stating it, if it were not true. I was excited to see my son eat solids so I get it but I still waited til 6 months. Making your baby eat too early just to have the experience is not safe for them.

Melly's M 0 likes

I don't think it's a rush (I haven't reached this stage yet) however, I know that my dr will most likely ask me to start me daughter on solids at 4 months. As a FTM, I'm going to listen to what my dr says. Also, I know of moms who had to start solids sooner bc of x or y reason. Every baby is different and even though something is recommended, it does not mean everyone has to follow it

R J 1 like

If you read carefully my post, you will see that I'm am NOT referring to formula. I'm talking only about solids. I also mention that there are exceptions. I am a doctor and don't pretend to know it all. Quite the opposite. I'm a FTM and have many questions about raising my child. I am not judging anyone, I am just trying to understand why some women are under the impression, that starting solids early will be beneficial for their child. That's all. There is really no reason to get defensive.

J B 1 like

R Joff-I started my child on solids at 6 months. She was breastfed and that's what the doc recommended. I will say when people start posting statements questioning why other parents do what they do, it comes across as a bit judgemental, leading people to become defensive. The article, while fact based, puts a lot of labels on people who start their babies on food young (ex. Less educated, on government assistants), which can also be offensive. Just trying to see both sides.

Mich I 1 like

Well said Jennifer!!

R J 1 like

Fair enough Jennifer. I agree with you. I just think that there is an elegant way of sharing your opinion (like you did) and a less friendly way.

Julia J 1 like

Why? My son has a milk protein allergy, breast feeding and supplementing with formula. I started a little over four Months with cereal in a dish not bottle to see if he was ready for solids, babycenter.com is my go to so I tried because he was spitting up even with frequent burping. We started solids between 5 months and 5.5 months, he's right on track weight wise, he was 9 pounds at birth and he's textbook since he doubled by 6 months. He showed interest so I tried solids, that's my why.

Aprilbaby 2 likes

I agree with Jennifer in regards to this post in general. However to answer Most not all but Most if they are honest will have to say they start before 6 months because they are excited and can't wait for next steps and to see their baby developing and doing more. It's fun and new so they can't wait to get their baby doing it. Research is always changing. One week something is good next it causes cancer. Baby related stuff is the same. We use to be carted around with no car seat most not even

Aprilbaby 1 like

With seat belts. Cereal in bottles at a month. Solids before 6. Sleeping on tummies. Now it's all taboo to do so. What it comes down to is do your research. Talk to YOuR doctor that knows you and your baby specifically. And know your baby. Then make the best decisions based on all of that info. Not what a board of doctors who doesn't know you from Adam says is a blanketed answer for all babies because that is not correct. There is no one way fits all when raising kids. For some foods at 4 or 5

R J 0 likes

Gwen, so true. :)

Aprilbaby 0 likes

Months is perfectly fine and needed. For others 6 months is best. Regardless it isn't for any of us to judge or question. We don't live in those houses or know the issues or circumstances with those babies. Like I have said on other posts like this. Instead of posting questionable posts about other peoples parenting choices why not just post comments appropriate to the questions asked like this forum was created. If someone asks about feeding times then the link above is appropriate response

Aprilbaby 0 likes

Otherwise it just appears as inappropriate and judgmental to the masses. And I am someone who plans on following the suggested 6 month for solids so it isn't me you offended. Don't want to give wrong impression. Just seems like another post to start a battle and not why most moms like this board. In fact probably one that will upset more than help.

Rebecca S 1 like

We were on WIC and foodstamps until my daughter was 1. They didn't want you starting most solids until 10 months and only cereal at 4-6 months. I disagree with the comment about those being on gov't assistance not knowing better. They make a huge effort to educate young mothers on when and what to feed their child.

J B 0 likes

Rebecca - it was my comment that talked about government assistants, but I was referencing the article linked in the initial post. I in no way have any judgement on that matter, I was simply using that, as well as lack of education also found in the article, as something people could take offense to.

Rebecca S 1 like

I meant the comment in the article. Really the entire article is very condescending and offensive.

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