I'm having the hardest time breast feeding. My baby is only 5 days old and I guess our latch isn't right because my nipples hurt so bad. I tried the nipple shield and it helps a lot with the pain but it just frustrates him and takes us twice as long to feed. Someone help me I really want to keep breastfeeding but don't know what we're doing wrong!!

Paola O 6 likes

Your not doing it wrong lol it hurts supper bad at first.. Give it time and little by little it will stop hurting


Buy some lanolin (sp check) cream. It helps so much. Also the hospital should have a lactation consultant for you to call

Kori C 0 likes

I felt the same for the first week but I used the shield every time to get my baby use to it... It may take some time but it will work and it helps for when you want to pump and give your LO breast milk in the bottle too.

Melissa S 0 likes

Don't give up!!! You can do it! Your nipples just need to toughen up. It's horrible and hurts like all hell.... but it will get better! I promise. Soon you'll be breastfeeding like a pro! It took me about three weeks to finally breastfeed in ease. Get nipple cream, drink lots of water and promise yourself a spa day some day in the future with all the money you are saving with breastfeeding! LOL

Quinn H 3 likes

Keep working at it Momma. It may take you and babe a couple weeks to find your groove. Contact a lactation consultant. It's okay to ask for help. You may want to try a couple different positions as well to find out what works for you. My babies were all completely different and even by number 3 it took work to get started and figure each other out. It's rewarding, so stick it out if it's what you want.

Hollie C 0 likes

Call a lactation consultant from the hospit

Rachal H 2 likes

Breastfeeding is hard!!! Your nipples will hurt even when your baby does latch correctly in the beginning. But if its excruciating pain it would be worth it to go to a lactation nurse and have some help. Congrats by the way šŸ˜„šŸ‘šŸ¼ā¤ļø

Gunner Danger's M 2 likes

Don't believe the hype! It hurts at first even if your doing it right. I never used a shield, I just wanted then to toughen up a fast as possible. I had these gel pad that I would put in the fridge and use right after. Then I would hear them up and use them right before the next feeding to the the flow going. Just keep at it. Put lots of cream on. It stops hurting after a few weeks then it's awesome! I'm at almost a year with no plans to stop. You got this mama! Check with a consultant!

Jade R 1 like

I had the same problem:/ yes time and lanolin help tons, lactation consultants through your obgyn or birth hospital will show you. It's like pinching and squishing your nipple from the outer edge of your ariolas inward tickle baby's nose with your nip and shove as much in that little mouth as possible:) after your tenderness and pain goes away it won't hurt just tickles a little. If pain is too much try feeding on only one boob for a day or two and pump the sore one give it time to heal a bit.

Kaitlin C 2 likes

I would call a lactation specialist. Even if you are doing it right it shouldn't be terribly painful. Uncomfortable yes, painful no. Call a lactation specialist!! They will help so much!!

Sarah * 2 likes

Don't give up! Try lactation specialist. (But if nothing help and it's just painful and hard for you to do then don't feel bad about going to formula! Do what you want! I def think 100% you can do it!! It just takes time, and lots of frustration!! I never had a problem with latching or sore nipples but I did have a problems producing enough milk! It does get frustrating!!

BoyMom 1 like

It's normal to be sore! Use cold packs on your nipples and let them air out. It'll get better soon!

First time mommy :) 1 like

did they have you meet with a lactation specialist in the hospital?.she met with me a few times and really showed me how to make it easiest for my son and I. it still can be frustrating from time to time so don't give up!

Melissa M 1 like

I had issues like that. I used a "My breast friend" nursing pillow. Brush your nipple across his cheek to activate his rooting reflex so that he opens his mouth wide and then guide him towards your nipple. If it's super sore you are not getting enough if your areola in his mouth. I had to use a nipple shield at first too, but eventually I winged him off of it. It took us 6 weeks to figure it out and I was close to giving up.. Hang in there. You can do this! He is 18 months and still nursing. šŸ˜Š

Melissa M 0 likes

I ultimately went to a lactation consultant and it helped make the difference.

Alicia H 0 likes

I went to a lactation consultant before we were even discharged from the hospital, she helped me with the latch so so much and after about a month it was super easy. We are almost 3 months into bf and I prefer to put him to breast than use the pump now!

Amber N 0 likes

I met with a lactation consultant. She helped me so much. I never would have made it without her. Baby is 7 months old and still exclusively breastfed :) good luck mama and hang in there.

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