I'm having a tough time coming to terms with how my body looks post pregnancy. I'm 3 months pp and just frustrated that nothing fits . I'm bf and they say that helps but I have yet to see any results . Not sure how much to exercise I know i need the calories so I can't even diet. Anyone else feel this way or is it just me?

Nicole 0 likes

I feel the same. My son will be 4 months on the 18th and I feel like I haven't lost anything.

Sylwia K 2 likes

Dont worry about it to much. It took me about 7 months to return to my weight. I also bf during that time and ate a lot of food for the nutrients. You didn't gain this weight in one day so dont expect to lose it in one either.

Alesandra N 1 like

Oh man... 6months after giving birth nothing fits. I bf so i feel the same. My fix is when she smiles... Then i dont care i still look pregnant, she makes me feel amazing

Sarah P 1 like

Take your baby on walks! Also keep in mind it takes a whole year for your body to get back to normal. Nothing fit when my baby was 3 mo but now he's 8 mo and I'm just now feeling like things fit. It will come!

Elizabeth S 0 likes

It took me about 7 months to lose the weight too, even though I was breast feeding and not eating horribly. I know it's hard, but you will get there. Don't beat yourself up! You're absolutely normal.

Carlye M 0 likes

My baby is 3 months and I still don't fit into anything either! Wearing a lot of dresses this summer! Drink lots of water, take walks and eat healthy. It's hard, but it will eventually come off!

Christina K 1 like

I can totally relate. Even though the changes to our bodies were because of something amazing, it's hard to keep that in mind when getting dressed in the morning. I am almost down to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I feel like the weight is proportioned differently now. My hips and thighs are huge now! Hopefully it will get easier with time.

Kendra V 0 likes

For me wat helped was just focusing on the baby. Realizing that everything is for he and its all worst it. He's going to be one in like 2 weeks and I look at me body like OMG what happen but then I look at Zach and he's beautiful, fun, smart, health and extra happy and everyone can tell. So it's seen bad now but he is worth it

Holly S 0 likes

http://www.babycenter.com/0_diet-for-a-healthy-breastfeeding-mom_3565.bc I saw quite a few websites on weightless while breast feeding. It's hard work and take a longer period of time. But my advise is to go on walks with your lo every day and don't let your self over do it when you get that storing for winter hunger after breast feeding all night. Nuts and avocados are healthy options with tons of fat protein and other goodies :)

Heather P 0 likes

I'm so with you!!! it's horrible. my son is 10 months and it wasn't until march that I started losing weight and that's only because I finally started eating less and better foods and trying to exercise. I was BF too solely for the first few months so I was afraid to eat less because I already was having problems with my milk supply. now I only BF at night but it's still really hard. I hope it's easier for you!!

Kaylie S 0 likes

I've been told to give your body the same amount of time to change back as it took for you to grow your little one. To me, that feels like a very long time, but stress doesn't help. It takes time, I've learned.

Marisa M 0 likes

Oh man, I can definitely relate lol Everything is bigger than before and full of stretch marks. Plus I didn't realize my breast would look different too! (I don't BF) I'm 5'2 and got up to over 205 lbs..after I had my baby I got down to 160 and 4 months PP I'm at 157 (7 lbs over pre-pregnancy weight but 27 over what I want to be) I was just cleared as of 3 weeks ago to work out so I've been walking/riding my bike. Sometimes I take my daughter on the walks and she loves it 😊

Kristy 1 like

Thank you everyone for the words of encouragement , it's nice to know that I'm not alone .

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