Im Having A Fall / Winter Baby What Are Some MUST HAVES ?

Katelyn J 1 like

Warm sleepers (preferably zippered), lots of warm blankets for when they are in their car seat and stroller. (They say putting a snow suit under the seat belt is bad.) and little hats to keep their head warm.

sonni s 1 like


Bianca D 1 like

Swaddler blankets!

Tara R 1 like

A cozy bag for the car seat!!! I had a December baby and was my absolute favourite thing!! No fuss of bundling them up in layers of clothes or a snow suit, just put them in their car seat and zip it up! 

Jessica 1 like

Lots of blankets, a cover for the car seat, lots of hats and gloves cause some how baby stuff just disappears so quickly especially if their in daycare.

sonni s 0 likes

thats the thing with just the face poking through

Paola O 2 likes

My baby was born in aug. and she absolutly loved it when winter came around! Alot of snuggling and cuddling :)

Paola O 1 like

Btw alot of little hats/beanies were needed along with warm slippers and mittens

Britt A 1 like

Sleep sacks. They keep them warm without using a blanket.

Jessica 1 like

Yep they are pretty cheap too

Ashley W 0 likes

Lots of burp cloths and bibs!

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