I'm gonna be a new mommy in about 7 weeks. I was just wondering when/if I start washing baby clothes, blankets etc.?

Perfectly M 1 like

Whenever u want. I did it a week before my induction date.

Sarina W 4 likes

I washed as I bought or acquired the clothes. It's good to get a jump on a few outfits in the newborn and 0-3month until you know what size your little squish will be in. Congrats momma.

Katlyn M 1 like

I did mine about 2 months before I had my baby, which ended up being perfect timing as he came a month early :)

Rachel V 2 likes

Start doing it when you have the time. You never know when your LO will choose to arrive!

Michelle K 1 like

Do it as you get time. Do not leave it for later you'll have tons more stuff to do

Ashley T 1 like

I did it early and just got it ready. It made me feel better to have that done and one less worry

Dianne B 1 like

I did some and saved some of the older sizes for later. And because we had so much of everything, I didn't wash it all and left tags on some(like that weren't my favorite) so I could return and use that money elsewhere like on diapers :)

Brittani C 0 likes

Thank you all :)

immortelle 1 like

I would say do it a month or a little more before :) at least a load with what you want the LO to wear on way home from the hospital. Might want to buy a fragrance-free etc detergent to wash with. My friend's husband washed their LO's clothes with their detergent and he started breaking out :(

Rachel B 2 likes

I would wash the blankes and things that aren't clothes. And wash a couple new pieces of clothing but when my son was born he weighed 10.7 and had to go straight into 3m clothing and I couldn't take any or the younger clothing back because I had washed it all already thinking I would get ahed of the game lol

Jennifer M 1 like

I found that I washed clothes that she never ended up wearing. I could have returned them and saved money. (Or washed clothes that didn't fit well) It's up to you but I would wait until your sure your LO is going to wear it.

L A 0 likes

I washed mine 3 months before, and thank god I did! I ended up being put on hospital bed rest at 32 weeks and had my little one at 35 weeks! My family was making fun of me when I had everything prepared and ready to go so early. So glad that I did!!

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