I'm going to go insane! I love my 1 month old baby. She's my life, but she ONLY sleeps in my arms. Seriously....seconds after I set her in her crib, a swing, car seat, or safely in my bed. No where but my arms work for her. I've tried swaddling and white noise! How am I ever going to get thing done?!

Cassie R 1 like

I say enjoy it they are only that small once. When by girl hit 6 months she only fell asleep in her crib and now i wish she would sleep on me. But I get what your saying and that it gets exhausting. It will get better soon.

Liz J 0 likes

A rock n play chair worked for my twins...it kind of cradles them similar to your arms. They are worth every penny .. Think they run $39.99-50.00?? Maybe u can just borrow one from a friend to see if it's works. 😊

Mandy A 1 like

True, I do love cuddling her and I know I'll miss it. It's just frustrating haha

Kristin A 1 like

My son did the same thing but at night. I'd wait until he was good and asleep, then slide him on to my bed. I'd barricade him with pillows and go to sleep.

Danielle G 0 likes

I went through the same thing with my now 5 month old baby girl! For the first four months my arms were heaven to her, I couldn't do anything! Enjoy it. They tend to grow out of it. They were in your warm tummy for 9 months they are still getting used to being on the outside. Swaddling helped me out. Keep being persistent! Your doing great!

Kayla L 4 likes

Might try using a baby sling or something in that area!

Magen L 0 likes

My son is the same way and I tried laying him in a nursing pillow with his head on it and that seamed to work for me. I think it's the comfort and he thinks someone is holding him. I lay my son on his side when I use it. Just keep an eye on you baby if you decide to try it.

Elizabeth T 0 likes

My daughter did the same exact thing. Once she hit 5-6mths she wanted her own room to stretch out. I found a bouncy seat that vibrated worked well. I'm sure a swing would work too. :). Good luck, hope I helped :)

Mandy A 1 like

Good idea ☺️

Jessica R 1 like

Get a carrier and wear her. My son was the same and a friend gave me a moby wrap. I could do dishes, laundry, go to the bathroom all hands free with a happy baby

Caroline B 2 likes

Wrap her in the blouse or shirt that you wore during the day! The smell of it might trick her into believing she is in your arms. It works on my LO I will put a shirt of mine on his crip and lay him on it and he sleeps like an angel

Paige B 3 likes

Mine was like that too . The only thing that worked was letting her cry herself to sleep for two nights. It was torture and I sat outside her room crying. But she is a happy healthy girl and has slept through the night since.

Rylee L 0 likes

My girly would do the same thing but only for naps during the day, at night i would set her in her crib and she would fall asleep on her own. I was frustrated during nap times I couldn't get anything done, everyone told me to just enjoy it as well and so I did! at about 6 months I said no more and she cried for maybe 3 minutes in her crib at nap time and we haven't fought since :) now I do wish she would sleep in my arms at times!

Momma B 2 likes

I agree with Paige. Sometimes it ok to let them cry. You feel awful but sometimes there is just nothing you can do. :(

Julia : 0 likes

My DD was the same way! I couldn't wait for the time to come where she would sleep in her swing or crib for naps. Now that she does that I keep her awake if I try to hold her or rock her to sleep. I find myself missing those times where she would just sleep on me! I know your frustration! It gets better but for now all you can do is cuddle and just let the house go!

Chelsea M 0 likes

It gets easier! My baby slept in his swing next to my bed for the first month. First couple months are survival mode! I agree with baby wearing though.. I could only wear my Bjorn for a little at a time but at least it allowed me two arms. Like you though I spent that first month on the couch with my nursing stuff and baby.!😁😁

Marianne M 0 likes

Baby wearing. There are several styles so you can find something that works for you. If you have a http://babywearinginternational.com/ in your area, you can actually try them out first. It's truly a lifesaver. Your LO is comfy, you're happy to be holding her and you have hands free.

Cassie R 1 like

The sling is a good idea. I would rather that then let her cry. Then you really won't get anything done being miserable and how bad you feel for her. Granted it did work for the other mommies so that's good. But I couldn't do that but your call . She can just fall asleep in the sling. 😊

Kate F 1 like

Baby wear! It is amazing.

Happy M 1 like

Check out high needs babies on dr Sears website (it's not a bad thing...your baby is smart). It feels like you're doomed, but it will change so quickly over the next few weeks. You might try a rock n play or a swing. She might have reflux and need to sleep in an inclined position.

Can H 1 like

My daughter is almost 9 months and will no longer sleep in my arms.. We went months and months snuggling while we slept and now it's like she's giving me the cold shoulder.. I know it is frustrating right now to feel like you can't get anything done, but seriously, laundry and dishes can wait, she will only be tiny and snuggly for a little while so love it up while you can!

Erin H 1 like

I followed "happiest baby on the block" suggestions for swaddling, pacifier, white noise, etc and we had good luck. My son would sleep alone. Every baby is different, though. One month old is pretty young to cry it out or hope they will sleep trough the night. I think we did the cry it out thing between 12-16 weeks old and after 2 nights it did work. Hang in there. They get big so fast!!

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