I'm going to a gender reveal party tmrw. Am I supposed to bring a gift?

Lindsay M 1 like

It's not needed.

Kestin M 1 like

No! It's just gender reveal I'm sure she'll have a baby shower for gifts!

Lindsay M 1 like

You don't know the gender but I guess you could bring something neutral if you wanted! I'm sure it would be appreciated but not needed

Jessica P 1 like

It's not necessary, but I'm sure they would appreciate anything you brought with you!

Courtney 1 like

We had one & everyone bough books & diapers / gift cards It's not required but it's greatly appreciated

MamaBear 1 like

I wouldn't think so unless they said to bring gifts

Alycia M 1 like

No not unless they say something

Rachel B 0 likes

Awesome. Thanks, ladies!

Mommy B 1 like

It's not necessary, but you could bring a package of diapers or some bath stuff!

Teddy P 1 like

Bring a pack of diapers

Alexis K 1 like

No if i ever went to a reveal party, I wouldn't bring one just because you don't know what the gender is yet

Anonymous 1 like

I would be confused as to what to bring considering the gender hasn't been disclosed. I would probably pass on the gift for now. Is she having a baby shower later on ? *Thats just my opinion*

Vanessa T 1 like

I don't think so.

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