I'm getting induced at 7:30 tomorrow night! And I have to say the nerves are officially setting in! My honey is doing everything he can to try and relax me, but I just can't believe tomorrow is the day! 💜 Can't wait to meet our little girl! I'm a first time mommy, so just wondering if I could get some advice and words from the wise from all you mommas?! 😊

Alaina C 2 likes

When in doubt, trust your instincts! No one knows your baby better than you!

Abby E 1 like

I was induced too! My baby was breech for a long time so when he flipped they said let's get this baby out lol! My advice is let the nurses know what you want! I got a new nurse mid-labor and she did things different and it slowed down dilation by like 6 hours. Once she finally did what I asked, (gave me a pillow to put between my legs) I went to 7 8 9 10 within the hour. I was right!! So don't let them tell you something other than what your heart says!! :) good luck and congrats!

S P 3 likes

SO exciting! Praying for an easy delivery, healthy baby girl, & quick recovery for you! Cherish every little moment. It's ok to tell friends & family you want some time w/your hunnie, & baby & aren't taking visitors just yet. All the in & out is exhausting when trying to get yourself into the swing of motherhood! they grow so fast, you also want to have that one on one time! Sleep when baby sleeps for sure! Relax mama! The time has come!! Good luck!

Nicole 1 like

Breath breath breath! Don't stress out and always remember the target! Babygirl will be here in no time!! When u hold her in ur arms it'll all be worth it! Good luck! And safe labor! :)

Christine 3 likes

Eat before you go!! Lol Once the Pitocin starts they won't let you eat. Ice pops will be your best friend. Take a picture of her from your ultrasound with you. Focus on that when it gets really bad and remind yourself that in a few hours you'll be holding her. Women have literally been giving birth since the beginning of time! You can do this and everything is going to be just fine. Stay as positive as you can and get some sleep tonight. Wishing you the best of luck!! 🍀

Mommy Of T 1 like

I was induced for both my babies. First because she was late and the second because of health issues. Make sure ur bags are packed! But enjoy the ride! Being a mommy is one of the most stressful, hormonal, insane but perfect job! Also when u are a first time mom people will try to pressure u into how u need to raise your baby. Do what YOU feel is best. After all YOU are the mom not everyone else

Kayla B 2 likes

Definitely sleep when baby sleeps and enjoy every minute of baby! Welcome to motherhood!

Alicia P 1 like

I had my bb boy induced (14 years ago) and til this day I feel he was the easiest to give birth to, compare to my 11 year old and my bb 6 months ago. I say keep calm, get a massage, a nice warm bath and enjoy the experience.

Ciara B 1 like

OMG! Congratulations! Be safe and pray pray pray. Make sure u have everything packed for ur hospital bag AND the baby's hospital bag 😊 If ur like me u'll forget something LOL

K W 1 like

My midwives told me to take gravol the night before I was induced to help me sleep. Maybe try that and go for an afternoon nap tomorrow. You will need to be well rested. Designate someone you have in the delivery room other than daddy take pictures with an actual camera if you have one. Don't forget pictures with you if you want them. I forgot to do this and regret it soooo much. If you are allowed bring comforting things from home. Pillow, light throw etc.

Coryn P 2 likes

Eat something before you go! Lol. I was eating pizza the night I went into labor and it was the last thing I got to eat for 48 hours. You won't even be worried on your hunger. Bring some lavender essential oil with you and place it throughout the room, it helps keep you calm. :)

Felicia T 1 like

Stay calm and breathe. You'll be amazing! Congrats!

Lisa M 3 likes

Eat and take a shower before you go!

Ashley B 2 likes

Yay!!! Don't be nerves everything will be fine! It'll all be worth it when you set eyes on the precious baby! Just get ready for everyone and their mommas to come busting in the room when you have it. Word of advice I would set a limit for how many ppl can come in at a time if not EVERYONE will be in there. I set 3 and the nurse made dang sure that was it

Sarah B 1 like

Yes...agree with the other ladies. Eat & stay hydrated! Try to get some sleep! I was induced and I didn't sleep well that night, barely ate breakfast and didn't drink throughout the labor...recovery was worse than it should've been! But relax, its an amazing experience & just remember...your LO is going through a painful experience as well to get here but once you hold her, you will forget all the pain & begin a love unlike another

Kiyana S 1 like

Number 1 thing is......get your rest!!!! Your going to need it. & relax

Jayde H 3 likes

We just had our first 11 weeks ago. Don't be afraid to ask for help from family/friends and give yourself time to heal

Ruth N 3 likes

Focus on the fact that you will have a beautiful baby at the end if it all!! Eat and take a shower before you go in ;) and remind yourself when you feel like the pain is unbearable there is an end in sight!!

Ashley B 1 like

Def ask for help. I had a rough but fast delivery and couldn't move around much. You'll appreciate the help bc if you're like me ppl will offer their help for later and when later gets here they are busy

Happy M 1 like

Very exciting! Get all the tips you can from the nurses. Stay as long as insurance will cover it so that you have professional help right there at your fingertips. Congrats!!!

Marianne M 2 likes

Take lots of pictures and listen to your nurses. They have years of experience and have so much to share. Get some rest before you go home. And take the help, but instead of help with LO (which everyone wants to do), have them help you with cooking, laundry, getting things organized to make your day to day life easier. It's your time with LO, so enjoy it.

Sarah R 2 likes

Congrats! My advice is take it slow. Before u know it you'll be home with that baby and the time fliesssss by! Good luck!

Chelsey H 1 like

Bring movies, books, and other things to do as it can take awhile. Make sure to ask questions bc rns and drs tend to work without telling you what's going on. And I don't know about you , but I don't enjoy people staring at me while I'm in labor. So I would suggest having just a few people there then tell others to come when baby comes.

Cheyanne C 0 likes

Out of all the advice in the world I just wanna tell you that'll you'll do GREAT! It's not as hard as it seems. :)

Stacey P 2 likes

Don't be afraid to use the nursery in the hospital. It is the most amount of sleep you get for awhile. Good luck and enjoy every moment

Amanda D 1 like

When labor starts don't stay in one position. I laid on my left side almost the whole time with my 3rd and the nurse told me to rotate to the right. I went from a 4 to a 9 in less than an hour.

Aprilbaby 2 likes

Don't stress. You will be fine. It's nerve racking until you get in there. Then they get things going and it's just one thing then another then bam baby. It isn't as scary or horrible as everyone makes labor and delivery out to be. Yay baby!!! Congrats momma so close.

Kayla R 1 like

If you believe your baby isn't comfortable with how they swaddle her or anything like that, trust your instinct. My son did not like his arms in the swaddle. He would fuss and fuss. I told the stupid nurse that and she just kept coming in the room and putting his arms back! Also, bring snacks. And if you're going to try and breastfeed and it gets too uncomfortable and your little girl is screaming because she's still hungry, do not be afraid to call the nurse and request formula.

Katy M 1 like

You ladies are awesome! Thank you so much I will definitely look back at all the advice! 💕

Shiela G 1 like

Congratulations and good luck

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