I'm getting a molar extracted. Am I going to be on excruciating pain after the numbness wears off? I have a 22 month old and 5 month old to take care of. Wondering if I should enlist the help of a babysitter or will it not be that bad?

Logan's M 1 like

You should be fine. You'll likely not feel too fabulous afterwards, but unless the dentist or oral surgeon says otherwise, you should be able to tend to your children devoid of any hiccups.

Maranda L 0 likes

I would get a sitter. You may be in pain meds and it takes a lot out of you. A sitter will entertain the kids and give you time to recover.

D'Yani 0 likes

I would get a sitter at least for the first few hours until you know how you will handle the pain.

Brandi R 0 likes

I have just got mine out about 3 wks ago and was so swollen I had to take a week off of work!...long as u keep popping meds u will b fine but once those meds wear off the pain is unbearable!..good luck ☺️

Kirstin J 1 like

I had 3 pulled a couple years ago. It wasn't nearly as bad as they made it out. They gave me the good drugs, but I found that a couple of Advil worked just fine. Unless you have a very low tolerance for pain you'll be fine just drowsy.

Caroline W 0 likes

You'll probably be able to manage, but a sitter for a couple hours might be a good break in case you need to nap or deal with meds.

Elise M 1 like

I would get a sitter. You may be fine but it's worth having lined up in case you need it.

Celeste C 1 like

I just had one removed about a month ago. You will be loopy that day and then in pain for several days after , but not unable to care for your babies. I have a 4 year old daughter and a 5 month old girl and managed. Good luck! 😊

Tiffany R 1 like

I would get a sitter if you have to get put under when they take the tooth you will be very tired and even if your not you deserve a break that day .... I hope everything goes well and have a fast recovery!

Cherie L 1 like

I got a molar removed when my DS was a couple months old and it was such a big help to have my husband there since I was on some heavy pain medication. That's the only reason I would suggest a sitter. You may be a bit groggy or out of it of you're on anything to heavy and and extra pair of hands will allow you to heal and rest while the babies are being taken care of!

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