I'm full time Caring for my sisters twin girls, what's A good twin carrier? A wrap? 2 ring slings?

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I wish I had a recommendation But I never used one with mine. A couple of my twin favs were the twin z pillow and the twin bassinet attachment to the joovy squared play pen.

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With the twin z pillow I could just put a crib sheet around it and the girls would sleep for hours like that

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girlmom x3 OMG!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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girlmom x3 I am Not sure what this pillow is called.. we also got the joovy 2 twin pack n play with infant top. I found someone that's Giving me a wrap carrier tomorrow. Fingers crossed it works! Any other Tips & tricks? Lol #SadieJo #OliveAnn

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Should I put a crib sheet on this pillow?

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Brandi T that's the one. I always found the sheet helped keep the girls from sinking down too much.

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I used to put the play mat in the infant top of the joovy play pen and that would help keep the girls interested and out of the way of other little feet.

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Marina can you believe this is them now?

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girlmom x3 they got so big!! 😍😍 My younger one is turning 3 next mo and i feel like it happened overnight.

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girlmom x3 Bryce Grown so much! They're Adorable! Thanks for the tips. I'll Take any all I can get

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Brandi T I don’t think I've Been too much help but I'm Always here if you have any q’s. How old are they? I breastfed but I would try to get them on a schedule and in their own room if possible by 2 months. At least that’s what worked for us. I found my twins relied on each other for comfort so they slept better in their own room.

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Marina I know it's Crazy, they turned 3 in June

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