I'm expecting my first baby and I want to Breast feed. However I was wondering how my milk supply will be affected if I try to lose weight once I am approved by my doctors. I want to continue my workouts and eating fewer calories but I don't know how that will affect my supply. Does anyone have any suggestions. And how many women actually lost weight while BF!

Carolynn V 1 like

You need to keep up calories in order for your milk to stay. But just make healthy calorie choices. Fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, etc

Kathy M 0 likes

Breastfeeding alone helped me shed all the weight by my 6 week appt. I ate pretty healthy and tracked my calories to make sure I was eating enough and getting enough protien. After the first month I went on to be an exclusive pumper. It can be done but stay hydrated.

Von S 0 likes

All I do is breast feed (haven't worked out yet) and I lost all my baby weight .. 180 back to 140 IN 5-6 WEEKS .. All that is left is to Tone up the loose skin

Summer M 1 like

Do you suggest a certain amount of calories ? I was 120 pre pregnancy and worked our 6 days a week. Not sure how many calories I should consume to BF,

Ashley B 3 likes

Look into whole30. It's the only "diet" that I know of that maintains your milk supply while still shedding the pounds. It's also amazing how great you feel while eating so healthy. Another perk is that all information is completely free! 😄😄 just go on Facebook and search for whole30.

Ali A 1 like

Diets are not recommended. But as long as your active and make healthy choices, you shouldn't have a problem loosing your baby weight.

Brittany M 0 likes

Breast feeding burns calories!

CiCi's M 1 like

They say to add 300 calories a day to what you normally would consume. And yes! Breastfeeding helps you lose weight. It takes a lot of work for your body to produce milk!

Heather K 0 likes

You will lose a ton of weight breastfeeding. I gained 40lbs with my pregnancy and lost it all with just 6 weeks of breastfeeding. Your uterus is contracting when your breastfeeding and that burns calories and will "flatten" your belly (you might still have a little pooch though =P )

Out N 0 likes

I lost 30 lbs so far this time while breastfeeding. I haven't even started exercising yet I'm almost 4 months pp nursing 2 kids. Last time I only gained 15 lbs and I lost 20lbs within the first couple of months nursing 1

Andrea T 0 likes

Actually breadfeeding helps loose weight

Meghan B 1 like

A healthy diet will help your milk. Eat lots of fruits and veggies the better you eat the better your baby eats

Jessica T 2 likes

You need 300-500 extra calories a day. I breastfeed and was back to my pre-preg weight at two weeks PP! One day of making milk is equivalent to walking eight miles. It's amazing!!

Marianne M 2 likes

You need to eat healthy and eat certain foods while bfing to maintain supply. That's more important than losing weight. You burn about 500 calories a day so take that into consideration, too. I lost all my baby weight by my 6 week follow up just by breastfeeding. After I was cleared, I started walking with my dd outside but nothing excessive. I had imagined getting back to a normal schedule pretty quickly, but the reality of baby set in pretty fast.

Ariel G 0 likes

You need 500 extra calories in order to keep your supply up. Working out might actually decrease your supply. And you do lose weight by breastfeeding. Not all moms do but I know I definitely have. I was 104 before pregnancy 155 at the end of pregnancy and 115 now 4m post pregnancy.

reagan B 0 likes

Yup they say you loose 400-500 calories each feeding that's how nursing moms lose weight so fast.

Kristen 0 likes

I lost 40 lbs in 4 months just breastfeeding. You do have to take on extra calories though to keep your milk supply up!

Heather K 0 likes

Yeah, if you don't eat the extra calories, you could lose your supply (happened to me)

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