I'm due in June and planning to exclusively breastfeed. Many moms recommend pumping a few times a day and night. Why?? Do I have to? Can't the baby be enough to make milk supply?

Carmon C 1 like

It is enough but it is nice to have a supply. I'm running low and can't catch up.

JVP 1 like

You don't have to. I did in beginning as my milk wasn't regulated and came in so much and the baby wouldn't drink it all so I pumped for comfort. After a while of pumping my milk actually decreased so I stuck to strictly breast feeding! And I love it. I hated the pump... -_-

S.A 0 likes

I only pump when it's convenient for me so daddy can give a bottle but I didn't in the first few weeks (unless I felt like my boobs were gonna explode) because it can mess up your supply and make too much and then you get engorged all the time

Tonya H 2 likes

It's good to have aback up supply. Also some moms assume they will only BF then find that they can't make enough without pumping as well. And some babies don't latch well but do great on bottles of Mom milk. So it's good to do a couple times at least. Especially for growth spurts when you make a certain amount and they are still hungry. Better safe than sorry and exhausted with a screaming baby.

Ashley L 0 likes

Some mommas pump so they can stock up and have a supply in the freezer and also so dad or sitter can do feedings with a bottle. It's not a necessity though.

Tina H 3 likes

I breast fed for a little over 2 years and never once touched a pump. My baby did just fine and I produced enough. The first 10 days or so I fed every hour on the hour until I produced enough milk then I just fed on demand. Everything worked out great and he gained weight and grew just fine.

Danie M 2 likes

My friend felt that way and one day she got really sick and had to stay in the hospital for a few days and they had to give the baby formula because she didn't have any stocked, Id pump as a "just in case"

Alex K 0 likes

I've been breastfeeding for 8 months and pumped maybe twice. It isn't necessary! Some people like to do it, but I was to lazy and never gave my LO a bottle so I didn't see a need! 😊

Laura C 0 likes

I EBF both my boys and only pumped a few times. You shouldn't need to pump to make enough milk. You really only need to find one extra time to pump to have one feeding set aside for an emergency setting and then you pump as soon as you can to get a reserve set aside again.

Lalitha P 0 likes

Pumping is only necessary when it's low or very high milk supply.. Otherwise it baby gets enough and not hungry too frequently, I believe it should be ok.. 😊 also if need backup..

Deep S 0 likes

U don't have to but it's nice that someone else can feed the baby while the baby is still getting benefits of breast milk. I wish my baby took bottle I tried pumping but she refused all diff kind of bottles n formulas. Sometimes I feel like that need a break from breastfeeding

Nikki M 0 likes

I only recommend the pump if your LO has a favorite side. It's no fun having a DD and a C at the same time, trust me.

Caitlyn S 0 likes

You don't have to i Nd Dr did Nd nursed gif s year

Ana S 0 likes

Well I didn't pump in the first 3 weeks and turns out my son always left some milk in there and since my breasts were not completely emptied I didn't produce enough for him after 3 weeks and had to supplement..can you tell I am a first time mommy? With next one I will pump in the first month along with breadtfeeding just to make sure I establish my supply ( who knows if this plan will work though) Good luck either way I loved breadtfeeding

Sara J 0 likes

I never pumped with my first she was exclusively breast-fed but never any issues except she was constantly latched on the first 3 months lol but with my second I pumped and nursed only bcuz I had to return back to work so soon

Lina M 0 likes

Only pump if you want to, if hubby wants to feed, if you want to have an emergency stash in the freezer but you do not have to pump. My LO is 7 month and I pumped twice when my mom was staying with him that's it :-))

Giselly F 0 likes

Jckfi h. Hh

Shauna G 0 likes

My LO is almost 5 mths and I've pumped a few times so that I can have a night out (movie/dinner) also now I pump to mix in with her baby cereal as she gets that twice a day now and she seems to like it better with my milk vs the water

Alyssa S 0 likes

In the first three months it's better for you to let baby decide. It will change with his needs. Pimping can change it altogether and in some cases dry you up because it is not the same as a baby suckling. Try to go a couple months and then think about pumping. The pump is great for when you want someone else to feed in a bottle. But to build your supply let the baby get it going.

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