I'm dealing with post partum depression, and my anxiety is the worst it's ever been. My fiancé works constantly, and I stay home with our daughter. I was so happy, and then out of no where when I was 5 months pp, the baby blues hit hard. I feel so disappointed. I thought I was in the clear, but apparently it can appear anywhere in the first year. I'm in between insurance, so I am waiting to be able to afford the medication I need. As of now this sucks though. Any other Momas been thru this?

Marlene P 1 like

Yes! I have a terrible case of anxiety to the point that I shake and get light headed and end up lashing out at people for no apparent reason. When that happens, I walk away from my daughter because I never want her to see me that way. (She's 2) trust me, you aren't the only one who's going through it I'm sure a lot of moms are going through it, maybe not serious anxiety but I'm sure we all have fear for the future of our child right?

Heather S 1 like

I get the baby blues, it's gotten better because my niece just graduated high school and she's been helping me. I have twins, there was a period of time where I was always home alone with them. It was hard, I felt kind of helpless. Once I figured out my routine and started getting out of the house more I felt better.

Marlene P 2 likes

Hang in there momma, I'm sure things will get better soon! Life works in mysterious ways. 😁😚

Freddy K 1 like

I have bipolar and anxiety to begin with and as a result have struggled after both kiddos. I'm a SAHM too. The other day I had to just walk away, go in the baby's room and cry, while she was crying in the living room and our son talked to me under the door. I'm on meds but they're not especially helpful. I finally see psych next week. Outside of meds I don't have any great suggestions besides praying. It's a scary place to be in but know you aren't alone! Hugs!

Robin C 2 likes

I am always home alone with my daughter, and I don't drive. It's hard to go from having a booming social life, to have no life what so ever. Not even a life with my fiancé. It's hard. Hopefully once I get my medicine, and can start getting out it will get easier. I do always know that when things get really hard, a good part is right around the corner. I've been dealing with PTSD and anxiety/depression since I was 14. So I've learned a thing or 2 from it.

Lizzy B 1 like

Hello dont feel sad, we are here to listen and be your friends!

Megan S 2 likes

I went through post partum. It can be scary. If you are bottle feeding, you can take St Johns Wort. It's a vitamin that helps w depression. If you are nursing, you can try vitamin B. It helps to stabilize your mood. If anything gets worse and you are afraid, please call someone for help.

Eileen C 1 like

Try to keep your self busy and stay positive. If the baby cries and you feel anxious put the baby down in a safe place, and walk away. Call a friend or mom to come help. It helps too to be around family and friends

Crystal B 2 likes

I know how you feel. My anxiety gets pretty bad too. Sometimes you got make sure you get out. Put the baby in the stroller and go take a walk even if it is to the mailbox and back. Get some fresh air. It helps. And we are here for you. Us moms have to stick together.

Daisy N 0 likes

I had it since my baby was born til he was 7 months. I used to cry when I was alone with him for no reason. I had to leave work many times because I felt extremely sad outta nowhere. When I started drinking vitamins and working out it got better. Now he's my happiness. If you think about things they get worse. Just think in the present and be thankful. It will all work out :-)

Megan S 1 like

Absolutely, we are here for you. I just got this app today and I'm on it constantly. As a single mother of two, I see I'm not alone. Keep posting your thoughts. And we can keep helping.

Jessica G 1 like

So sorry you are going though this. I also got ppd when my first born was 5 months old. I got medical attention and was put on anxiety meds. Don't put off medication. It saved my life.

Teresa T 0 likes

Yes! Really bad after my first. There are diff kinds of pp mine was OCD pp:) told doc got on meds which did help:) talking about it makes you feel better too and lots of prayers until you see doc. If you can't wait I'm sure you can see someone asap for not too bad of cost. Deep breaths an outdoors too! Best wishes!

Chelsea R 1 like

Try just a store bought vitamin D supplement, it will help with your serotonin levels a bit. Try to get out in the sun. Take a 30 minute walk, with or without baby. I went through it at 3 months pp, and though I was on antidepressants for a while I hated them and did some research and went to those for alternative options. Also, St. John's Wort is a natural antidepressant that you can buy and sprouts or any of the all natural stores like that. I've heard great things. Good luck, hang in there

Colbee H 0 likes

It's hard when your husband works so much. My husband is a roughneck, and we see him for two days every seven days. At about three months, I did experience some anxiety. Partly from missing my hubby and the other from just being plain exhausted. Nursing was hard with my second and we had to work at it. I tried to keep my mind off of things and stay busy! I joined my local Le Leche League group, which helped immensely! Try to make time to get out of the house too, with or without the kiddos.

Summer J 0 likes

Chelsea is right on about the vitamin D!! I had horrible PP anxiety with my first. Went in and did blood work and my vitamin D levels were dangerously low. (Which can cause depression/anxiety) Had to get a prescription for a high dosage for a few mths. Made a huge difference. Postpartum thyroid issues can also affect your hormones and moods. Get a physical when you can and make sure your body is firing on all cylinders!

Melanie S 0 likes

You can get a magnesium supplement to help ease part of your anxiety. They're a a powder called calm (i think) at GNC. It actually helps a bit! I'm so sorry you're going through this, anxiety is terrible. Make sure you focus on your breathing when it gets bad. Hope you get better soon!

Sherida T 1 like

Ism if you are breastfeeding, if you are get clearance from Drs but if not try taking RasberryKetones it helps with anxiety, also a cup of chamomile tea helps. If it gets really bad please talk to someone get support is a very overwhelming time to care for a child.

Keonda G 1 like

Hi, I'm on Celexa right now for anxiety and depression, however, St. John's Worth really helped when I was in-between jobs and insurance.

Beth M 1 like

I have a 5 month old girl too and I have had the same problem!! I have had issues with anxiety and depression. I also am a SAHM and my car has been messed up for months so we don't get to go out too much. I am breastfeeding so I am doing the B vitamins. B complex b 6 and b 12. No more than 500 micrograms is what my doc said and it helps. And if u can go for a walk. That helps too!!

Tabby M 1 like

Yes!!!!! Three times! Workout!! I was told if you workout 30 minutes everyday or at least 3 times a week. It works like medicine! (My therapist at the time told me this) It worked for me! I also take fish oil. Google Dr. Weil's recommended dosage. I hope this helps!! Hugs!! No fun!!

Kelsey R 2 likes

Get out of the house once a day. Be around adults. I think the enormity of the situation(which is amazing, but it can seem never ending & scary at 5mo pp) hits you after the excitement & attention goes away. All of a sudden the drop ins to take a look at the new baby stop. It's a weird thing to deal with. Have something to look forward to daily. A walk, mommy group(MOPS is a good one), go to a coffee shop & stay through your coffee, a book store, date night with your hubby! With or without baby.

Carlee C 1 like

Mine wasn't extreme but my husband forced me to get out of the house ( even though I really didn't want to) and that really helped me

Brittany P 1 like

Hey there sorry your going through this! I am too started when my baby was 8 months old she's 15 months now my anxiety is majorly over the roof I have got on meds now and seems to be helping lil before I got on meds it was getting to where I couldn't even deal with my baby and other 2 kiddos and everyday routines even I would lash out and moods were all the place come to find out I have what they call PCOS too

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