I'm currently breast feeding but thinking about switching to formula when I have to go back to work. I'm just thinking it'll be a lot of work to pump and freeze milk for daycare. My baby will be almost 3 months at that time. But I feel guilty... Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated :)

Madison L 4 likes

If you feel guilty then I would try to continue breastfeeding & maybe supplement when you don't have any milk pumped. I felt the same also but I really didn't want to stop breastfeeding all together. Pumping is work but if you start making it apart of your daily routine it gets easier. Try to store as much as you can before going back to work so it's not as much pumping when you do return to work.

Jhalishia C 0 likes

I recently switched my lo over to formula..she's 5 months now and today makes a whole week for formula! The hard part is...getting the perfect bottles & plus my lo hated the way formula tasted when I first introduced her to it but the more persistent you are with it then the better the results. However I do still breastfeed throughout the night. Don't give up & don't feel guilty. It's life (:

Madison L 4 likes

A good formula for supplementing is Similac for Supplementing. I've used it for my LO and he doesn't like any other kind. Good luck! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

Veronica R 0 likes

Think you should pump now and stored milk now like that you'll have milk when it's time for u to go back to work for ur baby

Heather B 1 like

I pump at work and just bring a lunch box with ice packs for the milk and when I get home I throw them in freezers I am also a cna do o have a busy schedule at work but still make time to pump at least every 3 hours and on days off or when home I still get the bonding time when nursing my baby.

Arela 4 likes

With my first, I pumped and BF until my LO was 10 months. It was stressful at times, but worth it. Do what you feel is right for both of you and don't feel bad!

Katelyn S 1 like

I am all for breast feeding but I was unable to. Honestly my son was on a schedule within a week and it was easier on me because he didn't need to eat as often. In my opinion you might feel stressed if you pump and freeze because you'll be thinking about it while at work. It's nothing you should feel guilty about because formula is made to be as close to Breast milk as possible and it even has extra stuff your baby may need. Never feel guilty, you know your baby and body best

Brandi H 1 like

Do what is easiest and best for you. Pumping is a challenge but like pp said it does become just another part of your daily routine. I got to the point where I looked forward to my pumping breaks as a 30 minute paid break to relax and play candy crush;) But... If you decide quitting is best for you, don't feel guilty about it. It takes more than breastmilk to be a good mom.

Ana S 1 like

My Lo Is 6 months old and I am still pumping ... I don't have enough milk so I am supplementing also... If you have milk you can pump maybe before work and at night?in my opinion whatever you can give him/her is better than nothing as far as milk goes ...

Mommy M 1 like

You can breast feed your LO when you are home and give formula in your absence! That way you won't feel guilty and your LO will get Breast milk tooπŸ˜„

Alexis C 1 like

My suggestion is to at least try it out. If things get too rough then make a change. (Smiles) If you ever decide to give your baby formula think of Similac or Enfamil. It's like Pepsi versus Coca-Cola...LOL! Both are good; it's just your preference and what you like.

Ashlee 2 likes

You can do both breastfeed in the morning and at night supplement with formula while you are away. But I will say i exclusively pumped for 6 months my son was premature and tongue tied and lip tied so by the time everything got sorted out and surgically fixed he had no interest in latching but I still wanted him to get breastmilk. It is a ton of work but once you get the hang of it it really isn't to bad with a good double pump.

Desiree . 2 likes

Whatever you choose to do, you are a wonderful mom-don't feel guilty! If looking for a good formula, I switched my lo slowly to gerber soothe. It has a probiotic in it, so it was a gentler switch on her tummy. Good luck!

Christina B 2 likes

My LO is 6 months, I schedule pumping into my day at work I bf at home to help regulate the amount of milk I make

Ciara B 1 like

If u pump and freeze now ... Before u go back u'll have soo much. I've been doing this since my LO was a few days old and I probably have close to 100 bags of 5 oz of breast milk. Even doing starting it today u'll still have a stash! I always pump in the breast milk storage bags when I wake up around 7-8am and get 4-5 five ounce bags! So if I get 4 of those 5 oz bags a day that's 28 five ounce bags a week! Make sense?

Ciara B 1 like

When u go back to work u can pump on ur lunch break. It's the law that ur job needs to have a place for u to pump... NOT the bathroom.

Kelsey M 1 like

I had to start giving my son mostly formula at around 3 months because I went back to school. I gave him Similac and it works great. And don't feel bad at all! You gotta do what you gotta do - giving your LO formula will still keep him healthy and happy!

Austin S 1 like

My son gets formula most of the day and breastfed (no formula) at night. I do pump at work, but it is soooo much work. And a hassle to get the time to do it. I'm sure I'm going to stop soon :/

Samantha W 2 likes

I continues to breast feed. Although I had a good working environment where they didn't mind me leaving for 15 mins to go pump. I would pump a bottle in the morning then pump three times a day. It did take time but was well worth it for me. I work from 830 to 6 everyday. I would just breastfeed when lo was with me. She would nurse 2 times a day and all day on weekends. My advice would be just give it a try and see if it works for you.

Lisa N 1 like

It is hard but pumping at work becomes routine like everything else. I am a teacher and I pumped twice a day from when I returned to work at 8 weeks pp through June. Used what I pumped for daycare gave formula to supplement- didn't stock pile or freeze- just did what worked for me- I once we were on solids I stopped pumping the next school year but did morning and night feeds at home- he self weened at 13 months! What ever you choose is fine too much mommy guilt is no fun!

Sarah Y 0 likes

Thank you, all of you, for your opinions and comments I truly appreciate it!

Sarah Y 0 likes

If I were to go to formula during the day while my LO is at daycare and breast feed at night, do you have to ween them over to it? How would you make that transition? I'm still thinking I'll try pumping but if I wanted to try this I'm curious how you make the switch?

L C 1 like

I currently work full time and pump at work for my 8 month old. I pump twice a day and it is really not that bad. I also pump at home before I go to bed to get the amount baby needs for the next day. I recommend two pumps if you are going to pump at home and at work so you don't have to bring it every day. Babies are so worth the work but if you have to supplement it is not the end of the world

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