I'm currently 32 weeks and getting my hospital bag put together. But I have no idea what needs or should be in there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! 😊

Jennifer W 0 likes

Woman's depend diaper under wear...pads and granny panties lol I know the hospital doesn't let you eat anything so I would bring candy for some well needed sugar/energy.

Mommy B 3 likes

Your own pillows, night gown for you, slippers, going home out fit for you and your baby.

Jen M 4 likes

Check out boards on Pinterest - lots of great ideas there. I was most thankful for having brought snacks and a bunch of perineal ice packs.

Christina P 4 likes

The only things I used was my own shampoo, conditioner, body wash, maybe makeup for pics, comfy clothes to go home in, phone charger, socks(I forgot these for some reason) but that's it!

Tess J 2 likes

Toothbrush, toothpaste, comfortable going home clothes, and a baby take home outfit. That's pretty much all I needed and I was there 4 days. The hospital pretty much has everything you need including mesh panties ;)

Jenny B 2 likes

Slippers Pjs Comfortable going home outfit Outfit for baby Fuzzy socks Pillow Personal hygiene products Snacks for SO

Emily T 2 likes

Toiletries and comfy clothes (I bought maternity nightgowns from kohls that can pulled off as dresses), phone chargers, camera, snacks. My SO brought an air mattress to sleep on (our room was huge)!

Aimee A 2 likes

What I packed: pajamas, underwear (like granny panties) going home clothes for me, going home clothes for LO, toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, deodorant, contacts, makeup) camera, phone chargers What I used: toothpaste & toothbrush, going home clothes for me & LO, camera, chargers I didn't shower at the hospital. I have this weird phobia of showering places besides my own home! The mesh undies they give you at the hospital are THE BEST! I strongly suggest bringing some home!!!

Em's M 4 likes

Don't forget the Chapstick. You never realize how dry your lips can get until after birth.

Aimee A 1 like

Also, I didn't pack my husband anything because he went home the next day to feed the cat, so he brought a change of clothes then

K B 0 likes

Extra long phone charger so it can reach the bed !

Tori W 1 like

Lots of sweatpants!

O & C's M 2 likes

Chapstick Phone charger Pillow Comfy socks Robe Blanket & pillow for SO Nursing pillow Hair dryer Makeup Toiletries Change for vending machine for SO Cute outfits for baby Cute hat for baby Camera!

Lindsay A 1 like

If you're a light sleeper (like I am) ear plugs and a noise machine were essential.

Stephanie M 1 like

jolly ranchers (or whatever hard candy you like) Chapstick slippers those are the only things I used of the like 50 things I brought :)

Stephanie M 1 like

well and clothes for going home obviously.

Mercy W 0 likes

These are great tips guys thanks!

L A 0 likes

Invest in a extra long charger. I was stuck in bed and wanted my phone to distract me and then it died and the charger was to short!! Also will come in good use when you have the baby at home.

Brianna W 0 likes

Thank you everyone!! These have definitely helped me narrow down what to have. :)

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