I'm breastfeeding but my supply is coming in WAY WAY MORE than needed since my DD is only two days old and doesn't feed that often, my breast fill up almost five minutes after and it's painful. Help!!

Mommy M 2 likes

You can pump and freeze it for later

Shadeara H 2 likes

You have to pump it so it doesn't hurt . Get storage bags & freeze it

Kelly B 2 likes

Definitely freeze it and save for later!

Jasmine P 2 likes

Pump & Freeze

Mommyandbaby 3 likes

I wish I had had that problem πŸ˜” pump and store lucky lady! 😊

Ciara B 1 like

Pump it all out and freeze it honey!! Best decision u'll make!! Don't leave it in there, ur supply could go away. Pump/BF the baby every 2-3 hours and what ever is left over put in fridge it lasts up to 5-7 days and in a regular freezer up to 6 months and when its put in a deep freezer up to 1 year. LABEL EVERY THING! Call ur insurance and see if they will send u a breastpump. Mine did and its sooo nice. They also provide me the parts and if anything goes wrong & freezer storage bags for free!

KiKi B 1 like

Pump the milk thts leaking and being wasted and store it for later also if the pain don't go away take warm wet towel and put it on Ur breasts repeat tht until they get little better also it's just normal to go through all this since Ur r new mom to 2 days old cutie Congratulations ❀️ Good luck

K W 2 likes

PUMP!!! As much as it can be a pain it will help keep your supply up and lead to long lived breastfeeding.

Caitlin V 2 likes

Pump and freeze!! It will come in handy for later when you're LO needs to stay with a sitter or you're out and would prefer to feed with a bottle (if you feel like it). If your LO doesn't use it all, you can always donate to a milk bank. Milk banks use donations to help preemies have a better chance of survival. :)

Car P 1 like

If you pump you will keep making more, just expel a little then in a few weeks it will balance out. But the more you take out the more you make keep that in mind

Ana V 1 like

If you don't have a pump Iike I didn't the first few weeks express the milk with your hand into a bottle or storage bags!! Those pumps are very pricy but if you plan to Breast feed for a while it's worth the investment. Also if you're going to want to go out with your SO later on and need to leave LO with someone the milk saves tons of crying πŸ˜‰hope this helps

Julia Z 2 likes

Pump and freeze, your body will settle down and self regulate after a while.

Kristy N 1 like

You can use cabbage leaves. Put them inside your nursing bra! Helps with pain and engorgement! They are cool and feel good too!

Marianne M 1 like

Pump pump pump and save that liquid gold for a rainy day. You won't make that much for long. Your supply will regulate to your lo's demand, so save it while you can.

Christiana & 0 likes

Pump, it will keep your milk supply up, and freeze it :)

Gunner Danger's M 1 like

Get your free pump (covered thanks to Obama Care) and save it up. You can usually get them from a medical supply store same day. Until then you can try standing in a warm shower and applying gentle pressure to your breast.

Autumn B 1 like

Pump and freeze it. You can also go take a warm shower and self express some of the milk of you don't have a pump. Warm compresses help a lot with engorement and letdown pains.

Jamie R 1 like

Pump and Freeze that liquid gold !!

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