I'm breastfeeding but feel I'm not producing enough. I pump between feelings as best I can, eat flax seed, Brewers yeast and oats, drink milkmaid tea, and a ridiculous amount of water daily. Not to mention let my LO eat every two hours or whenever he makes a peep to help increase production. It seems he's still hungry and not satisfied. Any tips or thoughts?! Or any ideas on why I might not be producing a lot?!

Lisa P 0 likes

I have a similar problem. I've been so stressed about it that I think it was partly causing my low milk supply. I nurse my lo then pump what I can right after nursing. I get about 1-2oz pumped and save for after my next feeding. I have to use about 6oz of formula a week because I run a bit low on milk.

Erika E 0 likes

How old is he?

Alicia R 1 like

I'm not super versed in this arena but I do know that my mom nursed all 5 of her kids. I was the third and even though with all my siblings she produced enough and nothing changed, it was just her body not producing enough. She supplemented with formula and I was perfectly fine. My suggestion is to not stress over it (stress can stunt milk production from what I hear) and just supplement with formula so the baby is full. Good luck and God bless you!

Jordan E 0 likes

Make sure your getting lots of calories too, that helps!!!

Stacey M 0 likes

I had the same problem I ended up having to go to formula bc I wouldn't produce enough for him to eat

Lauren M 0 likes

What makes you think he is not satisfied? How old is he and is he getting bigger?

Destiny C 1 like

Maybe the pumping in between is taking away from his 2 hour feedings. I had to stop breast feeding when my Lo was 4 months. She just wasn't getting enough. I tried everything to help. Maybe try not pumping between one feeding and see of that helps? Not very helpful I know, just some friendly "I've been there" advice.

Amy M 0 likes

I didn't produce enough but my lactation consultant said you usually are even if you think you aren't. Sometimes it is a latching or sucking problem that makes baby not satisfied. If you haven't already, maybe you can get a LC to help. Mine had a sucking problem and a nipple shield helped but I ended up really having a supply issue, too. Good luck!

Destiny C 0 likes

Also how long are you letting him feed, or does he stay on? I know my lo used to love to stay on for a long time.

S T 1 like

How old? It's quite possible that lo's actions are the result of a growth spurt too.

Christina P 1 like

I take a prescription called Dom peridone. It's mostly prescribed for digestive issues but it increases prolactin and tripled my supply! It has no side effects and I've been able to freeze milk too which I could never do before!

M K 0 likes

It's common for BFing moms to doubt their supply constantly! But you likely are producing enough. How much do you pump? How old is your LO? It could be a growth spurt or that he's looking to comfort suck and it feels as though he's hungry. If your LO is gaining weight and wetting diapers you are fine!! Good luck!

Rachael W 0 likes

Until my LO started latching on properly he would not eat enough to get full I never realized what a difference latching on right made.. Also when I was worried about this the lactation consultant & pediatrician said as long as they are gaining weight properly they are getting enough. Every three to four weeks babies will cluster feed to help your milk production keep up with how much milk they need.. Hope this helps

S P 0 likes

8 weeks old. I think he's not satisfied because even after he's changed and fed he does his Hunger cry. He'll even start to nod off while finishing eating, and still fuss when I try to burp him. I can have him latched for an hour at a time.

Shannon D 1 like

Is he having enough wet diapers a day? That along with weight gain should tell u if he is getting enough. Maybe he has gas and that's why he is fussy and thinks he needs to eat more. Try not to stress mama šŸ˜Š

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