I'm bilingual. I want my LO to be bilingual as well, like fully fluent in both English & Spanish. I just don't know how to go about it. My mother & husband said to speak only Spanish to him at home & let him learn English when he starts school. But I don't want him to be clueless when someone speaks to him in English prior to school. Also at our church he would be in primary for kids and they're English-speaking too. Has anyone trained their LO in both languages at once? TIA!! 😊

,....... . 1 like

I would do both. My dad speaks English and his wife speaks Spanish. It was so much easier on them in school because they already knew both languages. Their mom only speaks Spanish and so does all of her family. It'll be harder for him to learn at school than before.

Olivia H 1 like

If I were you I'd speak both at home. I wouldn't want my child going to school singled out because they were clueless. Just switch it up. 😊

Jess B 1 like

I'm doing the same thing. My family and I speak both English and Portuguese to my 5 month old. At this age is when they pick up everything much faster and easier, so if you are speaking both languages it will be a lot easier for them to learn both.

LJ 1 like

I have heard to have one of you speak Spanish and the other speak English. Start as early as possible because the first few years are when language develops and although you can always learn another language, to speak with the correct accent you gotta start early! If it's just you home during the day maybe say everything twice, once in one language and then again in the other. Good luck! I'm trying to teach my 4 year old French (also learning myself, I just know a little bit)

Gaby C 1 like

My boys learned Spanish first exclusively. They learned English watching cartoons & my middle son learned from his older brother as well.Once they're in school it's hard to keep up w/Spanish.They know I speak English fluently & refuse to speak Spanish.I'll speak Spanish to them at home but they answer in English 😞. I have a niece who I believe didn't know any English to start school & she is behind & in English Lang learning groups. Both my school age boys are at the top of their classes.

Kaylees M 1 like

Just say both. Like "you want milk, leche" you know

Gaby C 1 like

One other comment, my middle son had a hard time understanding at age 4 that not everyone spoke Spanish and that Spanish and English are completely different languages. Good luck!!

E B 1 like

We do both at home .. I translate as well ..

Mom Of 5 1 like

I have never done that with my kids but have spoken to families that do. One spoke only German at home. They said when their kids got to school it only took them about 3 weeks to get a decent grasp of English, after all they hear everyone else speaking it when you go somewhere.

Amy G 1 like

As an ex preschool teacher when you are with him speak Spanish dad speak English, when you are together as a family do both, I've had kids as young as 3 who can speak 3 languages it's all about exposure, get books on both languages too

J L 1 like

That works wonderfully if you speak only Spanish in the house but then on outings speak in English. Kids are very adaptable and will pick up both. Bilingual kids are later to start speaking generally though, but when they do they start speaking in both. There is research that shows that biligual homes are awesome for brain decelopment

Diana H 1 like

Thank you so much ladies! I'll tell my hubby to start speaking to him in Spanish & I'll do English! I'm going to read him books in both languages too.

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