I'm being induced on Thursday. Anyone have tips? Schedule for a newborn?

Misty B 1 like

Take advantage of the ice and bring hard candy! Try to relax as much as you can before contractions kick in. good luck!!

Anastacia K 1 like

Try to get as much sleep as possible and eat before the midnight rule . Just try to relax as much as possible

Linsi M 1 like

In the beginning its a bit too overwhelming for a schedule. Just try to get to know your LO & figure things out before worrying about a schedule. Good luck & congrats!!

Leslie M 1 like

, also, a lot of people are going to want to come to the hospital or visit you at home, well it's nasty flu/cold season and hard to believe I know, but you have to drill family on not coming to visit if they are or have been sick, seriously do yourself a favor and keep the guests down to a minimum at least the first 6 weeks, just ask them to understand, I wish I would have, but instead I ended up with a very sick baby

Leslie M 2 likes

Through a schedule out the window right now, all I can say is that they are very hungry and very tired

Leslie M 1 like

Very sick 2 week olds is scary as hell :(

Maryah T 1 like

Definitely eat before you go in otherwise you will be starving until after you deliver since they keep you on an all liquid diet til then. Try to get sleep, it will be hard considering how anxious and excited you'll be, and try to walk as much as you can before hand cause as soon as the contractions start, you are going to have a rough time trying to move at all. And don't let them take your LO out of the room, you want to do skin on skin right after birth so you can bond with your baby

Maryah T 1 like

Your baby will be wet and slimy, but trust me, you won't mind at all, it's the most beautiful expiereance anyone could ever have. And just a tip, for about 20 minutes when the can traction start they aren't super bad, but when they do, it helps to lean over the hospital bed and sway your hips back and forth, just make sure someone is behind you to help sway them for you cause all your gunna want to do is collapse to the floor. Being a parent is the greatest thing in the world. Congratulations!

?Amanda? B 1 like

Get as much rest as you can before hand. Breath through your contractions. Schedule just follow your little ones cues. Sleep when baby does. And enjoy it that stage is the shortest lived.

Null N 0 likes

Thanks everyone!!

Arianna M 0 likes

I was induced and it took 3 days for me to go into labor! And that was only after my water was broken. So I would suggest having lots of comforting things with you, bring snacks, and some entertainment!

James Jr.'s M 1 like

Rest & take naps until it's time to push. TRUST ME, you will need all the energy possible for pushing.

Kfay V 1 like

Be patient and prepared to wait it out. It took me three days most recently to give birth to my son and four days for my daughter the time before that. Every birth was different as I have had four babies and been induced everytime .Depending on how much you are dilated they will give you a more gentle dosage most likely of miso to soften and thin your cervix. When you become more dilated then they will give you pitocin or oxytocin. GET THE EPIDURAL! As the pain is much worse when induced!

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