I'm at my breaking point! All day my daughter (8 months) has been so fussy and I can't take the sound of her crying anymore. My head is throbbing from her screams and I've tried everything. I think she's just going through a grumpy stage but it's taking a toll on me and I don't know what to do anymore. I can't get any house work done because she has to be with me and screams when I step away. Am I the only one???

Jordan H 1 like

My 8 month old did somethin similar the past couple of days except without the consistent screams . She just doesn't want me to put her down or she screams . I think they are just at a clingy stage .

Nicole M 3 likes

Definitely not alone in this. When my son is out of control like that he's usually very tired or he's teething. Sometimes I'll take a few minutes to myself in the bathroom and let him cry in his crib while I calm down and breathe. If it's not really hot outside I'll take him for walks too. Change of scenery seems to help if he's bored and feeling cooped up

Melissa B 1 like

At the advice of my doctor... Walk away if you are overwhelmed.. It doesn't make you a bad mom. Make sure your LO is changed, fed and burped and if that doesn't work (and it seems like it hasn't), walk away for ten mins and take a time out for yourself. It's not easy but do it to stay sane. Hope that helps.

Neda R 1 like

Calm down.. You're baby can sense you're mood towards her.. If you are calm and hold her she will calm down. I have been through this a lot. Just wash you're face and breath than go hold her and she will start to calm down slowly. If you are breast feeding plz try not to nurse her while you are mad because the breast milk becomes spoiled somehow they end up nursing bad energy.

Tricia W 1 like

Do the house work with her in the stroller. It's soothing. Have her munch on a naughty snack like cheez doodles.

Marianne M 1 like

You're definitely not alone. Those days pop up every now and then. I've found that shifting my priorities a little seems to help. If I'm really focused on getting a certain thing done, it just makes my attitude worse. I've learned to take a deep breath and let it go... When I stop and really focus on dd with cuddles and playtime her attitude gets better and so does mine. I agree with a change of scenery... Go for a walk outside or even to the mall. Dishes can wait :-).

Christina M 0 likes

Your definitely not alone!!! Hang in there! She's either teething or just wanting to be put down for a nap! My son gets that way too! Like today is a good example! :( it's tough

Sara 2 likes

That's the thing I don't get. Lately she's been throwing tantrums to try to get out of her stroller cuz we walk almost everyday. I've tried letting her scream it out but she literally doesn't stop screaming. I've only ever let it last 15 minutes before I go get her. I don't breastfeed her when I'm upset, it's just never felt right for me to when I'm all stressed and frustrated. She's never cried herself to sleep. I'm thinking she's very dependent on me to sooth her

Bobi S 1 like

My daughters 4 months and does this too now mainly at night! She screams when I change her diaper and she wakes up hungry and doesn't give me time to even make a bottle! All days she's super happy though!

Sara 0 likes

Oh yea my daughter screams all the time during getting her diaper changed and was never like that before

Tricia W 0 likes

We as adults think that because a stroller is a certain color or price it's comfortable. That could be it. Try taking her for a walk in something not traditional. Like a walker. If she participates in the walk it might help.

Sara 1 like

My sister in law is dropping off a walker sometime this week so I'll try that

Evelyn O 0 likes

Sara, that sounds exactly like my daughter I suggest giving her tylenol and a frozen waffle. That definitely sounds like teething. My daughter is 9 months and when she does that this is exactly what I do its work several times hope it helps.

Meg C 0 likes

Try changing locations frequently. Go outside, play in her room, play in the kitchen etc. That always helped my son. Maybe you could also get some one to watch your baby for a couple of hours so you can have some you time. A friend, or family member? Or some places have moms morning out programs at churches or something. Taking time to yourself is important.

Britney S 0 likes

Is she teething? My daughter is doing the exact same thing and her doctor said she is probably getting more teeth and to give her baby ibuprofen because she is probably in pain. My daughter gets very clingy and grumpy and I have to just go sit out side for a few minutes to relax a little.

Sara 0 likes

Yeah my friend has asked me to go to a group to talk with other moms and they have people watch your child for 2 hours but I'm not comfortable having someone I don't know watch her. My mom is taking her for a few hours Friday thank god lol! And yes she is teething and I give her baby Tylenol and plenty of teething things but she still is so cranky. I'm hoping to tire her out tomorrow maybe go to the park or something

MAMA B 0 likes

No Hun I went through it too my LO use to pull my pants down while I was doing dishes so I would pick her up!! Just take a deep breath it's okay to step aside for a minute and breath; if she cries it's okay, sometimes us moms need to breath and regroup so that we don't loose it!! She will be out of soon stay strong

Sara 0 likes

Yes lol I know the feeling of the pants pulling. She'll even try to bite my knee to get my attention. I want to pull my hair out but I do feel bad that she's so miserable. Thank you all for the input I feel better knowing I'm not alone

Koriann T 0 likes

Download the wonder weeks app. Seems like she may be going through one.

Adriana K 0 likes

Honestly sometimes you just have to put everything aside and just hold baby. And since she's a baby...it's fitting that you baby her! I know it's hard because around you life goes on, but we must remember these babies are experiencing new things daily and it can be overwhelming to them. Also teething, sickness could be the problem? But if you can, just give up a day to give baby all your attention. I have done that a couple times for my now nine month old baby, it worked for me. Good Luck!

Trisha A 0 likes

She may be breaking her first teeth. It will be painful for them. They make medicine to help numb the pain for it for a bit but a cold/ frozen teething ring would possibly help. Sadly this phase will last until her tooth has broke through. Maybe turn music o for you to listen to, to help with the fussiness a bit.

Sara 1 like

I spent all morning playing with her and giving her my full attention and she just ate a good lunch and cuddled right up with me and fell asleep no fuss no problems๐Ÿ‘ Having a much better day today :)

MAMA B 0 likes

You need to get her use to soothing herself this is something children need to learn or you will never give her the chance to learn it! Let her sooth herself do this in small steps!! Your doing a good job keep it up

Sara 0 likes

Yeah I've been trying to let her cry it out for a bit then I go in and ask if she's done and she does little sniffles and holds her arms out for me to pick her up then she's pretty calm after

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