I'm about 7 weeks pregnant and they say nausea and morning sickness is supposed to be something that should be going on I haven't had any morning sickness only thing that I feel is being tired doing everyday things when I use to be just fine is that normal?

O & C's M 1 like

Yes, that's completely normal. I never had any morning sickness-only had tiredness. Feel lucky, because I know lots of women dealing with sickness 😝. Best of luck with everything!

Ashley L 0 likes

Totally normal. Every pregnancy is different.

Gabrielle L 1 like

Yes very normal! Not everyone gets morning sickness!!!! Some women have awesome/easy pregnancy!

Julia D 0 likes

You my friend, are a lucky one!

Baby Girls Mommy 1 like

You are very lucky!

Bhavana S 0 likes

Normal! I also didn't have any symptoms at earlier stages. Used to feel tired and sleep deprived even though I had 10 hrs sleep. After 9 weeks I had nausea n mild vomiting. That's it!

Mama B 1 like

Yes very normal!! I was sleeping so much during my first trimester! You just got super lucky that your not getting sick!

Dana A 1 like

EVery pregnancy is different, my first I had morning sickness and the second I did not. I experienced tiredness with both and headaches too.


I never had morning sickness. I just slept and peed a lot all through out my pregnancy lol

Ashley F 1 like

Pregnancy is different for everyone. Not everyone gets morning sickness. . I didn't. And be glad lol. I had a lot of friends that did and it sucks!!! And yes it is completely normal to be tired!!!! At one point you might feel like you have tons of energy but then that will all go away and you will be sooo tired... You won't even know that you could be that tired. Lol.

Bec J 0 likes

I didn't get morning sickness until about 10 wks. Very tired though!

Chelsea A 0 likes

I never had any morning sickness at all.

Tisha H 1 like

I didn't get any symptoms either. They say when you don't have it, you're having a boy. ( I had a boy😊😊). Everyone is different. Good luck!

Chrissy B 1 like

Yea vey normal. I didn't have morning sickness at all with either of my pregnancies. Lucky you. Hopefully you won't get it at all

Cali^Mom F 0 likes

Totally normal. Not everyone gets every symptom or at the same time. I was very tired too...that gets better in 2nd trimester and was only nauseated every once in awhile.

Jaxons M 0 likes

Yes totally normal! Not everyone gets all symptoms of pregnancy!

Shawna L 1 like

Yes I am 28 weeks and still have had no morning sickness just consider yourself lucky lol

S M 0 likes

I never had morning sickness. I didn't throw up at all until I was in labor. That was great... Lol.

Lauren M 0 likes

I slept 18+ hours a day and occasionally got nauseated.

Kara M 0 likes

I never had morning sickness but was super exhausted! Count this as a blessing because morning sickness can be awful!

Kim E 0 likes

I was never sick once ;) enjoy!!

Christina L 0 likes

Same with both my pregnancies. They say thats a sign of boys. And i had 2 of them haha

Diana B 0 likes

Yeah completely normal. You're one of the lucky ones that don't get to experience morning sickness 😉

A V 0 likes

I never had morning sickness.

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