I'm a new mom, my baby is 6weeks old & I don't have any girl friends to talk to, I'm new on this app, would really like to make new friends & I have so many questions XD Hoping that will gain play dates for my baby girl for when shes a toddler.

Shawna L 1 like

I understand where you are coming from I am a soon to be ftm due in May and have no mommy friends I live in a small town and even our town has no mommy groups :-(

Ruth L 1 like

My daughter is 2months do you live in Chicago if so we can communicate and hopefully setup play dates for the girls.

J. L 1 like

This is a great app! I'm a first time mom as well and I always come here for advice. My daughter is 11 months. What state are you from ?

Jessica T 2 likes

I moved to a new state when my babe was 3 weeks old! I feel ya! You should try the app Smilemom. That's how I made my mom friends! 😊

Lil Miss Freya 0 likes

I live in Illinois, yes living in a small town doesnt help much

Lil Miss Freya 0 likes

Ohh okay thanks Jessica ^.^

K V 1 like

Congrats on your new baby!! :)

Katherine C 1 like

I know how you feel when my daughter was younger I was the only mom around it hard at times .

Kali H 1 like

I'm a new mom with very few mom friends and my son is 2 1/2 months!!

Lil Miss Freya 2 likes

Thank you KV ^.^ I'm so happy and fall in love with my little one with every passing day =}

Ty L 1 like

Congratulations....being a new mommy is the best feeling in the world.

K V 1 like

That's so awesome!! It's crazy to think it but you'll only grow to love them more and more!! 💜💜

Andrea O 1 like

Welcome to the app and congrats on your LO!!

Lil Miss Freya 0 likes

Oh to answer your question Ruth, i live close to rockford and belvidere, in a small town =}

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