I'm 6 months preggo with #2 and I've been going to the gym lately (8 days in a row!). I want to go to a yoga class, I obviously would skip any poses that would require me to be flat on my back or stomach, but my question is do you think it's weird to go to a regular yoga class when you're that pregnant? Are people going to think I'm crazy?! I feel silly for asking, but I feel self-conscious while I'm there anyways. Thanks for indulging my neuroses 😊

Babygirl G 1 like

No way ive gone to regulAr yoga classes with pregnant women of all stages in them, whatever you want is normal and the last place where people will be judgemental is yoga

Michele B 0 likes

Thanks Angela! I'm gonna go :)

Holly R 1 like

No; I think people will admire you for being there! And I'm sure if you asked the instructor, she would gladly show you modified versions of the moves you shouldn't be attempting in your "condition". 😊 I think it's great that you're making time for it.

Brittany M 1 like

I would applaud you if I saw you at yoga class while prego !

C M 1 like

I don't think there's anything wrong w it. If the teacher is good, they will guide you in how to modify.

Michele B 0 likes

Thanks mamas :)

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