Hey , mommas 😄 I'm 40 weeks & 3 days pregnant with my first child . I have doctor's appointment tomorrow to set up an inducement date .. I'm a little scared to get induced . I would much rather have my baby boy naturally but he can't stay in my tummy forever lol Just wondering how many of you ladies got induced & how was the experience ? Heard it causes more problems when you're induced & more painful ...

BoyMom 0 likes

You don't have to be induced. Like you said, baby can't stay in there forever! He will eventually come on his own. I would wait for him to come on his own so you know for sure he's ready and to make it easier on yourself :)

Ceza K 0 likes

I was induced and I won't lie I had problems. My son flipped his head and forceps has to be used. I had third degree tear. My labor was a day and pushing almost an hour. It was extremely painful. But I was a week over due with no signs of him coming naturally. If I had waited I would have had to have a cesarean. And a lot more problems would have risen. I'd trust your doctor.

Taylor G 0 likes

I was induced and had no problems my labor was pretty easy i made it to 7 cm before i got the epidural he came out perfect and healthy though! And i only had to push an hour

Kaitlyn L 0 likes

It's a much longer labor. I would hold out a little if you can

Ashley L 0 likes

I went into labor the day before my scheduled induction.

Mommy To L 0 likes

Can you wait does he have to come. Induction sucks! The contractions are 5 times worse!

Rachel S 0 likes

I was induced and everything went great.

Kayla R 0 likes

I didn't have any problems. They had to break my water and once that happened I had my son two hours later.

J. L 0 likes

When I went to the hospital to be induced they told me I was having small contractions so they held off on the induction and sent me home. They told me to come back at 7 the next morning and if I wasn't in labor by then they would induce me. I went into labor at 2am so I didn't have to be induced. So you could go into labor before you get induced! Good luck !

Danie M 0 likes

I was induced with one of my kids, it was the least painful, I had no issues but then again it went really fast because I was already 4cm.. Good luck :)

Haley J 1 like

I had to be induced at 39 weeks due to placenta abruption. They broke my water at 430pm and she was out at 304am. Just under 12 hours for me! The worst of it was how hard and fast the contractions came on. I wasn't prepared for the intensity because they came instantly. There was no build up. But once I got the epidural it was smooth sailing :) DD was a healthy 7lbs 5oz even at a week early ;)

Wendy 0 likes

I was induced and was in labor for 36 hours. The only problem I had was that his cord was wrapped 3 times and ended up with c section. I had to be induced because of diabetes, and there are risks involved after 40 weeks. He and I are perfectly healthy now.

Christie M 0 likes

I had a friend who uses birthing centers and they don't induce and she was over by 2 weeks for both her boys. She was induced for her first and hated every minute of it. The two she had at the birthing center she said was well worth the wait. Much better she said to wait the babies out. Good luck in whatever you decide.

Shannon T 0 likes

I was induced and it was a horrible experience! But if I wouldn't have done it I would have def needed a c section... I was 10 days over and no signs of him coming on his own... He was def over due, long finger nails, toe nails etc... In the end it was the best decision. Trust your Dr

KW 0 likes

I was induced 3 weeks early. They started pitocin at 11am on a Friday, broke my water at 6am on Saturday (I hadn't dilated at all and nothing was happening) then she was born at 3:21 on Saturday. All day Friday was just cramping like period cramps, and I held out on an epidural until 1pm Saturday. My contractions were 4 minutes long and 2 minutes apart at the end! It wasn't too terrible for me, but I wish I knew what natural labor was like. :-/ still just happy to have a healthy baby! :-)

Dani D 0 likes

I was induced, it took about 12 hours for me to be ready to push. I had an epidural so the first 7 hours I felt nothing, but after that it started to wear off a bit and I felt pretty strong cramps in my back. But my daughter came out after half an hour of pushing, healthy and beautiful. However, I did and still kinda am suffering from some PPD. Not sure if that has to do with being induced but I heard somewhere that it could be linked.

Jaycee L 0 likes

I got induced and after 8 hours of labor I had to have an emergency c section.. The cord wrapped around her neck and her heart beat dropped. Not trying to scare you! Just be prepared for anything

Charli B 0 likes

I was induced at 40 weeks and 3 days. They started the iv at 6 am and had my perfect baby boy at 3:23 pm the same day! Labor was painful, but I don't have a comparison without being induced. I just wanted to let you know being induced isn't always awful like it's made out to be! Good luck and congrats!

Rachel B 0 likes

I was given pitocin to speed up my labor. After the pitocin, my contractions were much stronger & I didn't seem to get a break in between them. But, I got an epidural, so the pain was manageable (not gone.) I was only in labor for about 12hrs & only pushed 20mins. My LO came out perfectly healthy & I didn't have any complications. Good luck!

Ronnie R 0 likes

I had to be induced because my water broke but I was only 3cm at 13 hours of labor. My dr didn't like that I guess. It made my contractions more strong and harder for me to stand, but I still stuck it out another 10hrs before my son was born. I find it odd that you're over 40 weeks and JUST going to see him about an induction. Usually they do that before you are a little late. Just odd in my opinion.

Tisa M 0 likes

I didn't get my labor induced but I got an emergency c-section. My son was my first child so I was nervous as well. Believe it or not it wasn't that bad. Wasn't bad at all actually .. Just make sure you stay on top of your pain meds afterwards. Oh and the stool softeners so you won't be constipated while taking the pain meds.

Brooke K 0 likes

I ate jalapeños and my water broke 3 hours later.

Shawna G 0 likes

I was induced and ended up with back labour( baby was facing the wrong way). Wasn't dilating so they broke my waters, then gave me the drip. My contractions were continuous since it was in my back and was still only dilated a cm 12 hours after my water broke. So then I ended up with a c section. It sucked lol. My body just was not cooperating.

Kayleigh D 0 likes

I was induced. I personally had a few problems. I was preeclamptic and was induced at 38 weeks. It wasn't so bad until the third day. I was only three cm so the doctor decided the c section was the best way to go. I don't know if you're like me, but I had never had surgery before and was terrified. But to be honest the c section was a great experience - painless and quick. I prefer that now that I've had it. Good luck!

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