I'm 34 and 5 days. Please tell me I'm not alone? Did anyone else crave smells when pregnant? I have no food cravings at all..but I crave the smell of vacuums and vacuuming. Like that after smell a vacuum leaves!!! Help? Im vacuuming two-three times a day?!?!??!? Should I ask my doctor?

Mommy Again 2 likes

I craved salt air and rain.... Very thankful I live next to a beach!

Brenda 1 like

I didn't actually crave smells but I did want to smell everything. I'm sure it's normal all pregnancy is different.

Brittney E 2 likes

Laundry detergent, lol.

Liz✨ 2 likes

I crave the smell of Home Depot! I thought it was weird.... Lol

Shailyn W 2 likes

I craved the smell of farm lol... And candles.

Nate’s M 2 likes

Not to make me the weird one....but if I don't smell skunk, I hate my day. It smells like pumpkin seeds to me and I love it.

S.A 3 likes

Home Depot wood section hehehe

Becca N 4 likes

That hasent happened to me yet but it sounds like a pretty good thing. Do you want to vacuum my house? Lol

Crystal Q 2 likes

Banana scented items (drove my hubby crazy trying to find candles/Scentsy that were strictly banana scented)

G's M 3 likes

Home Depot, tires, construction sites. Turns out I had an iron deficiency so mention it to your doc just in case.

MamaBear 2 likes

I craved the smell of foam. Like a brand new sponge

K T 2 likes

Haha- this is the best thread ever :)

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