I'm 31 weeks and tonight my heart is racing like I ran and it will be for like walking to the bathroom or rolling over in bed. I'm breathing really heavy but I can feel my heart race all over in my back it feels like it's shaking me. I'm trying to wait it out to see if it's all normal I know all pregnancy are different this is my 3rd and I never had this before. Have any other mom have this happen

Ashley M 1 like

Happened to me with both my pregnancies and resolved after delivery. I'd bring it up to your OB who may send you for some cardiac tests to be safe. (Mine did). The likelyhood of them actually finding anything is slim. So don't get yourself overly worried. Rest as much as you can. And if you start feeling dizzy, SIT DOWN. Don't push yourself and end up passing out. It's going to get worse and more frequent as your belly gets bigger. It will be frustrating. Your body is telling you to rest.

Second Time M 1 like

I have. Drinking lots of water has helped. My ob also said it could be all the blood volume.

Erin W 1 like

I had this with my second and it scared the hell out of me! Doc said it was probably anxiety. I just tried to be as calm as possible and it went away after delivery.

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