I'm 28wks 5days and have already gained 27lbs. Anyone have any suggestions on healthy meals or snacks? I eat too much cereal..

Nicole 1 like

Deft do fruits and salads. They helped a lot

Katy T 1 like

Cereal was my jam when I was pregnant.. Gained way to much weight haha. Try adding some fruit to it!

Amy G 2 likes

Eat the cereal with yogurt to add some protine.

Becca & Bella's M 1 like

Fruit and nuts...lots of water

J L 1 like

Nuts! I love fresh pecans (you can store them in the freezer to keep them fresh). They fill you up, and are super healthy!

MadMax M 1 like

Eat the cereal but cut your portion in half

Danie M 2 likes

Frozen grapes! Perfect snack and addicting

Rivera F 2 likes

I was worried about my weight gain too but my OB said not to worry and eat away at what I wanted, the weight would be gone later. My last trimester I gave into my cravings and wants I gained a whole 40 pounds by the time I reached 39 weeks, gave birth and went down by 19, my son is now 3 weeks old and I am 10 pounds away from what I weighed before pregnancy. Don't worry too much about the weight Breast feeding helps you to loose the weigh FAST as far as vitamins etc just take your prenatal.

Amanda T 1 like

The nutritionist at WIC told me to eat whatever I was craving because that's what the baby needs. I ate an obscene amount of strawberries. But I also made sure I ate other things too to stay healthy for baby. I would just eat strawberries as a snack. Lol

Miranda R 1 like

Turkey Jerkey, Apples with peanut butter, homemade kale and fruit smoothies, nuts, hard boiled eggs, carrot sticks dipped in hummus, dried fruit, popcorn (careful with the butter), seaweed chips, yogurt, edamame....

Jessica 2 likes

Salads, and lots of green vegetables. Fruit is good but it has a lot of sugar in it and even though they are natural sugars they can still make you gain weight. I would try a low carb diet. When you do eat carbs make sure they are the good ones like sweet potatoes or oats. Carb are what make you gain weight mostly so try to limit that and when you eat carb eat them know the morning time that way you work them off thro out the day

Becky B 1 like

Carrots or cucumbers and hummus? Salsa n chips?

Alyson ? 2 likes

I had smoothies like every day and I ended up gaining so. Much. Weight. Lol like 50 lbs....try to eat a little more healthy. Try oatmeal in the morning..almond milk instead of cows milk, try quinoa for a healthier grain! Lots of green veggies they're so full of folic acid! Don't load up on sugars and Pop and drink a ton of water! Those are the things I look back on now and wish I was more strict about, seriously. And id go on walks with my husband or bf! Or doggy, or friend lol

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