I'm 15wks pregnant today with my 7th precious LO :) I'm always craving fruit. I've heard from 2 people that when you crave fruit you're having a girl. Is this true for anyone else?

Christina U 2 likes

I craved fruit but I had a boy!

Jami S 1 like

I craved bananas and had a boy.

Sasha C 1 like

I craved fish and steak and fruit. Had a girl.

Tana J 3 likes

I craved fruit and had a boy

Katelyn J 2 likes

I craved watermelon and cherries and I had a girl

Danie M 1 like

Yes! With my 3rd I couldn't get enough citrus, oranges, grapefruit, orange juice you name it I was obsessed, I had a boy

Danie M 1 like

Google ramzi's method, he did an experiment.. Looking at 5000 sonograms was able to determine the sex of the baby based on what side the placenta was on.. He was right I believe 97% of the time, it was correct with all 3 of my kids

Nicole L 1 like

Craved fruit and meat with my daughter

Francine M 1 like

I craved everything! I think it's just another old wives tale. My mom swung the needle in front of my belly and told me I was having a boy. We believed it... For months until I had my baby girl!

Vickie D 1 like

I craved fruit and sweets! I had a girl :)

Ava C 1 like

I craved fruit with both my babies, one is a girl and the other a boy, I'm just a fruit person lol

Christine A 0 likes

I craved a ton of fruits especially grapes. I had a little boy a month ago :)

Cara F 1 like

I craved sweets and bread and had a boy!

Megan M 1 like

I craved cantaloupe like CRAZY! And I have a little 3 month old girl :)

Britni C 0 likes

Thanks guys! I probably won't have an ultrasound until we can tell what we're having. I asked for an early one but my doc said not unless there's cause for concern :(

Michelle W 1 like

I craved fruit and veggies all the time and had a boy 😊 im pregnant with number two and all i want is sugar lol

Savina G 1 like

It doesnt matter what ur craving. I craved a lot of different things with both pregnancies and I had 2 boys

Wendy B 2 likes

Not really true lol.

Jenn S 2 likes

7?? You are a brave woman!! Lmao, I always craved salty stuff

Jennifer M 1 like

I craved fruit and had a boy but a lot of my cravings were salty

Kt V 1 like

True for me!!

Deborah T 1 like


Nattie 1 like

I craved fruit (mainly apples)like crazy with my first and I had a boy! This pregnancy is a girl and all I want is sugary and greasy foods :/ lol

Skylar K 1 like

I have two girls, with my first I craved fruit but not my second :)

Linda C 0 likes

Bananas! Lol

Linda C 1 like

But i had a boy lol

Lindsey S 1 like

I craved fruit & our little boy will be born in a week :) so no probably not true.

Britni C 2 likes

We're hoping for a boy. Well either is perfect really. I have 4 girls and 2 boys. So I think we should even it out a little. There's already enough hormones in this house haha

Sarah H 2 likes

I loved green apples and bananas I had a boy

immortelle 1 like

Craved fruit and had a girl. Loved veggies too

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