I'll be taking my 7mo on a 10 hour overnight flight 🙈. We did not buy him a seat but he also does not generally sleep anywhere other than his crib. Any tips/ideas or prayers that other mamas can send to me for how to get him to sleep? I am SO nervous

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If it's a international flight you can ask for a bassinet. But that's only in certain areas of the plane. Idk if your child will fit but worth a try? Or you can ask if any available seats when you are at the airport and bring the car seat. They can sleep in there? Or even the extra seat lay them there.

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Just call the airline asking for a bassinet. They will usually provide a bassinet for free of charge if the flight is longer than 5 hours. Even to have a place to keep your baby right in front of you is great. Sometimes kids just like hanging out there with toys. You can even ask for baby food. Also the best way to get around longer flights is night time

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