If your teenage babysitter showed up with a friend as you needed to leave for an appointment, how would you react? This is with no prior notice the friend is coming and you've never met the friend.

Julian's M 2 likes

I wouldn't like it or trust leaving my child with her.

Mrs P 2 likes

I would not like that! At all! She needs to focus on the baby not worried about having company

Rijvana P 4 likes

Not allowed. I would cancel my appointment and tell her she is not needed. This tells you how focused she is on the baby when u r not around.

Christie M 1 like

I wouldn't be ok with that, she could get distracted with her friend. She needs to be babysitting & focusing on the babies needs and not socializing

Jess F 1 like

I agree I wouldn't like that

Cici 1 like

I will fire her. Be glad that u met her frd today, at least she didn't bring a frd in behind ur back. But who knows, this is not acceptable to me

. . 1 like

Not allowed in my book. If your paying her she should take it seriously as if it's a real job at the groceries store. You can't just bring your friend to work with you. Lol

Tori W 1 like

I have brought a friend to help babysit with me before and we watched and played with the kids the whole time. I asked the mom beforehand though. But now that I'm a mom I would not be comfortable with someone doing it with my son.

G's M 1 like

No, not acceptable. If you let it happen once it will happen again. And no matter what her friend will take her attention away from your LO. That's when accidents happen.

Courtney 1 like

I would reschedule my appointment , for one , you don't know the other person , your house could be robbed or anything can happen & with a friend there she is not focused on your LO

Stacie T 2 likes

If I couldn't cancel the appointment I would politely tell the friend she had to leave. I would also have a very clear discussion with the babysitter when I returned about my wishes.

Liams M 2 likes

If she's a good person and reliable (school work etc.) then I don't see a huge issue.. yes I'd be upset because she didn't ask but I've babysat before and sometimes it's easier if the baby is fussy then you have an extra set of hands to help out! I would probably tell her to ask first and maybe ask her parents if her friend is a good person and if they like her or not. I wouldn't fire her or be rude or anything. Set some rules with her and see how she reacts but def talk to the parents!

C M 1 like

Thanks ladies! She is my neighbor and is very smart and reliable. I've known her for over 3 years. But the fact that she didn't ask before bringing the friend and it was someone I've never met- pissed me off. But I also couldn't cancel the appt. I didn't like the position she put me in at all and I will definitely be talking to her mom.

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