If newborn is sleeping do any of you ladies wake your baby up to breastfeed? My baby is 4 days old and he sleeps alot I don't want to wake him but I want him on a feeding schedule and sleep schedule

Joa H 0 likes

I used to wake my daughter up

Brandi T 2 likes

I never did. They will wake when hungry or need something. But follow with what you feel you need to do momma. :-)

May Mama C 2 likes

Only if your baby is underweight and the doctor recommends it. My lo was such a chunker the ped said to let him sleep as much as he wants!!!😊

Angie . 0 likes

I did religiously like they told us to every 2 hours!! Second time around I might to 4 hours 😳

AhappyMom 0 likes

My baby needed to gain weight so I had to wake him every 2 hours just to make sure he was getting everything he needed. If he was a good weight I would still probably wake him every 3 hours at lease the first month.

Kelly T 1 like

We were told we didn't have to wake her anymore once we left the hospital (but she was already back to her birth weight).

Charlotte's M 1 like

They say to wake them until They return to Their original birth weight so depending on how much LO lost since birth.

Becca R 1 like

I was told wake him every two -three hours to eat. They are too young to be able to wake themselves when they are hungry

Sophie's mom 0 likes

I did. They said at least for 2 weeks. But I did it for a month. After a month I woke her up every 3-4 hrs. She's 3 months old now and I'm feeding her on demand. I don't wake her up anymore. :))

Ashley L 0 likes

I was told as long as they've made it back to their birthweight and are gaining weight like they should, then let them sleep as much as they want. They've made a huge transition and sometimes it wears the little boogers out.

Tay B 0 likes

I woke my first son up to feed him every two hours. It's pretty important to keep supply up. I fed on demand with my second baby and sure enough I had supply issues and baby hasn't been gaining enough weight. I had to switch to pumping to get my supply in check again.

Tara R 0 likes

Wake LO up to feed every 3 hours max until they are back up to their birth weight. Once they've regained their birth weight there is no need to wake them

Nataliemommy B 0 likes

Wake them. I didn't when we got home from hospital and she lost too much weight. Every 2-3 hours.

Cali^Mom F 0 likes

I was told to wake my daughter every 3 hrs until she returned to her birth weight.

Marina 0 likes

Wake during day, not at night. By 8 weeks can get in a good eat play nap routine and about 6-7feedings a day and sleep 8 hrs thru the night or longer

Kristin W 0 likes

I was told to let them sleep unless they are underweight and getting enough to go eat throughout the day. Baby probably won't sleep too long without eating anyway.

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