Ideas for gender neutral gift for a baby shower? Already have a carseat canopy to give . Also I am not that great of friends with her now but we were best friends in elementary school. Not sure how much to give

Lily B 1 like

Bath toys

Mrs. H 1 like

Bottle drying rack, bottle brush, pacifier wipes, waterproof layers for crib/changing table, bath towels... Anything practical ! lol

Judy V 2 likes


Kestin M 1 like

I always do about $30!

C L 1 like

Maybe just the car seat canopy and a few board books! Or baby lotion. Photo album.

Ericka V 3 likes

I ALWAYS give diapers and wipes no matter what. They always need them.

Kristin 2 likes

I just bought gifts for two baby showers last night. I spent about $60 total and Got them 3 things a piece. Baby stuff is expensive & they'll be getting plenty of other things as well. Just give from your heart, whatever you feel is enough. I'm sure she'll be grateful for whatever she gets! ☺️

Baby G 1 like

Diapers and wipes!! But not newborn! I'd do like 1's or 2's. Everyone brought me new borns and my baby was wearing sizes 1's from birth...

Melissa H 1 like

Swaddles, bath essentials and lotions, clothes for 6 months and beyond. I found the clothes helpful to receive, especially since I had a tall baby and she grew out of NB in like a week.

Kristin 1 like

As far as gender neutral things... Blankets, bath towels, wash cloths, DIAPERS & WIPES, diaper rash cream, baby wash, etc. I made a big basket of all the necessities not too long ago for one of my best friends. Throw a little bit of everything in there ☺️

JVP 2 likes

A good braun thermometer!!!! Best baby shower gift I have received(: also blankets as my kids go through them like crazy! I think a car seat canopy is more than enough though. ;)

Nicole M 1 like

Books! I love getting books for my daughter.

Claire L 1 like

Diapers! And not newborn size. Give size 1,2 or 3 so they have plenty when. I got so many diapers for my shower and didn't have to buy any until a couple weeks ago and my LO is 7 months old! Best gifts ever!

C L 1 like

Diapers is a good idea... However, I got a bunch of diapers and wipes but we didn't use them because we were using a certain kind without bleach and chemicals. But most people will use everything! So it's not a bad way to go either. Also, I got baby stuff, but someone also added some things in for me too. Bath salts, snacks, ibuprofen. Haha. It was nice that someone thought about the mom too!

Brittney E 2 likes

A boppy pillow! Every mom needs one!

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