I'd give birth all over again to see my sons face for the first time all over again. Share your birth stories momma!

Crystal R 4 likes

I was at home and my contractions were 3 minutes apart i went to the hospital and i was sent home. After 45 minutes of being released i went back because i knew i was in the labor but the hospital didn't want to check me in the first time. When i went back the second time they said "wow you're officially in active labor" was admitted at 5 in the morning, and my son was born that night at 9:27 pm.

Crystal R 1 like

My labor was tough... They didnt know until i was about to start pushing that my son was breached. Last minute they had me swaddle and rock side to side to flip my son. They told me i had no choice but to push i pushed for 30 minutes and my son 8.9oz later was born side ways.. With the cord around his neck. I was so scared but hes a beautiful healthy boy.

Mo D 0 likes

I will

Daisy S 3 likes

ftm so i didn't know what contractions felt like it wasn't a horrible pain. I had pains the day before ended up going until the day after at 9 am and it turned out i was already 9cm dialated and they told me i would have a baby by noon. Sadly LO turned over after i pushed for 2hrsπŸ˜• then i had to have a emergency c-section Born at 9:16pm 😍😍😍 Everything was worth it and id do it all over again anytime😍

Mommy Again 4 likes

Was scheduled for an induction on Thursday water broke Wednesday at 10pm and had been in labor all day wed with out knowing it!! Got to the hospital in active labor (4cm dilated) at 1055; checked at 5am 10cm dilated couldn't get a hold of my doc and then I told the nurse "I'm not ready for her to be born let me sleep for an hour and a half then we will have this baby!" We had miss priss at 822am. First baby fast labor; amazing feelings

Chelsea A 4 likes

I went into my Drs office for a follow up BP check bc I was having terrible headaches. My BP was super high and she came in and said well I think we're having a baby td! I was 38 weeks induced at 1pm. Got the epidural at 4 cm dilated it wore off bc the epidural fell out. I had terrible back labor. My son was born that night at 9:29p. Id do it all over again in a heartbeat πŸ’™

Jenn and B 2 likes

I asked my best friend to come over and hang out because I was fat and didn't feel like moving. Got up to pee when I felt a pop. There was no gush or trickle. She took me to the hospital while my husband stayed home cause we both believed there'd be no baby that day. Well, my water had broken. I was so shocked I kept asking "for real?" Got admitted cause my water did break. 16 hours of labor and 40 minutes of pushing later, I was blessed with an amazing little boy who looks just like his daddy.

Autumn 2 likes

Labored for 15 hrs and then went to hospital where they broke my water and 6 hours later my baby boy came out screaming and peeing!

Jacenda β 2 likes

I had prodromal labor. I had been having strong contractions (for over a wk) every 4 minutes for 1 minute , but after hours of contractions every night they would die down. At 37 weeks they kept going and I got to stay at the hospital. I was in the delivery room for 15 hours & it ended in an emergency c-section. My son had been trying to come out for a week, but my pelvis was too small. His head was swollen & so was my cervix. I will never forget hearing that first cry! I cried & cried.

Courtney β 2 likes

I was in labor for 2 hours , my son was out in 3 pushes & if do it all again to hear his scream and see that adorable face He calmed down and smiled as soon as he saw me and later on my chest

Amy G 2 likes

first induced she was born in 4hrs 10 minutes of pushing, second contractions started around 9pm, got intense around 3am,showed up at hospital around 4am 3minutes apart, baby born at 6:10 am again about 5minutes of pushing midwife got there about 5minutes after he was born, the nurse told me to stop pushing because I was only 9 1/2 centimeters like that half is going to make a difference They were both almost 2 weeks late and all natural no drugs I'm more afraid of an epidural than labor pains.

Jennifer R 2 likes

Aww I love your pic, such a good idea!! I started contractions 3 minutes after my hubby walked in the door from work at 630, we went to the hospital with my oldest (12y/o) at 1045pm and when we walked in I honestly didn't think I was in active labour, pains were tolerable.. The doctors checked me I was 8cm, my hubby went to for move the car and almost missed it!! He walked in the room with my daughter and I, we had our LO not even 3 pushes after that!! It was wonderful! I'd love to do it again!!

Face M 0 likes

At 38 weeks, the day before my "last day at work" I went home early with a stomach ache. I thought it was the milk in my cereal haha! At 4pm I woke up from nap with some blood, called doc, they said to call back of I soak a pad. long story short by 8pm doc told me to go to hospital (apparently I had been having contractions) 😳..sent me home at 9:30pm...by 10:45 contractions started 3-2 min apart; so went back in, water broke at like 12ish, by 1:53am my boy was taking his first breath!7 lbs 1 oz!

Amy G 2 likes

The nurses told me I was meant to have babies too bad I'm almost 40 or I would have more because I did not mind being pregnant and for me I welcome labor to know soon I will meet my baby. Oh yes and my water broke less that an hour before both were born. I am thankful that I had midwives who let nature take its course I did not even have an IV with the second.

A V 2 likes

Contractions started at 11pm after a dog walk with my mom at our cabin 1.5 hours away from home. Drove home to be with the father and my aunt. My daughter was born 12:38pm. I was a trooper after my epidural, it started to wear off when it was time to push, then 2 hours later I got up to pee all by myself. I scared my nurse because she didn't think I could do it but I was determined to walk to the bathroom.

Mommy Of T 1 like

I was suppose to be induced Friday, I had been having pains all day Thursday not severe but by 10pm they were pretty bad I called the doctor they said wait for couple more hours until there 5mins apart then at midnight they were 1min apart lasting 2mins so we went to hospital the drive there is 45mins! So almost delivered on freeway got to hospital my water never broke they did it and checked me I was at 81/2 got me to delivery room was at 10 started pushing she was out in 2mins! That was my 1st

Ethan's M 1 like

I was 36 weeks and on Friday night I couldn't sleep cuz I had horrible lower back pain, I thought it was from seating all day at work so I called my cousin on Saturday to go walk around the mall to see if this would help, after we got back I felt much better so I laid down and felt some liquid coming out I freaked out and kept asking my cousin what the hell was going on I still had a month left lol my baby was born a few hours later

Phoenicia S 1 like

Fri February 13 woke @4am to wake niece for restroom time. Walk back to room n was soaking wet. Didnt fell it but when i got in bed noticed i was soaked. Arrived at hosp @6.5 cm.labor 11.5hrs. Vaginal delivery!Water hadn't broke just released fluid.Labor was fun and my entire family &inlaws were So supportive!Healthy baby girl was born @6:22pm.Cried only for 1-2 minutes.8lb 15oz 22 inches long.SO sd he couldn't watch it r he would pass out,he watched ENTIRE process & he is happy he didπŸ’˜

Kimberly A 2 likes

My baby elbowed her way into the world herself. I got a brilliant epidural. Nurse left us alone. Husband and I heard a "wahhh." "What the hell was that?" I said. "Surely it was in another room," he said. "Yeah," I joked, "I don't think Ruby's gonna crawl out and say what's up yall." He lifted my blanket and said, "she's HERE." She cried til they put her in my arms. That moment - when she looked at me with trust and recognition - was magic. All I could say was "Hello, Ruby. Mommy's got you now."

Mommy Of T 0 likes

Kim that is crazy!! Lol she wanted out of there apperently

Kimberly A 0 likes

Yep. It was terrifying, though. I don't even know how long she was under the blanket before we knew it, 2 or 3 minutes at least. I was in a total panic until the nurses rushed in and said she was OK.

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