I wish I could work from home! 😣 Im dreading getting another job but I wanna help my SO Out

R 1 like

I feel like I'm commenting on all of your posts tonight.. But me too! 😩

Briana W 2 likes

Girl right there with us 😭

Jessie T 1 like

I feel ya ladies. So thankful I get to work from home. God truly blessed us right when we needed it. Praying for all the mommas who have the same dream I did 💗

Mo D 4 likes

Cause we can relate!! Girllllllll it's okay !! Idk I tried to google it but it's not working 😣😩😩😩

Mo D 2 likes

Jessie- your so lucky.. Do you mind me asking what is your profession.

Briana W 1 like

I've tried everything looked into thirty one selling insurance everything Amazon hires but it's only 10$ an hour and part time I gotta have something with insurance and benefits

R 1 like

Amazon hires part time?

Mo D 2 likes

I might apply to Amazon ?

R 0 likes

Girl you and I are in the same boat tonight! Haha.

Mo D 1 like

Rebecca get out my brain lmaooooo

Jessie T 1 like

Mo.. I work for a wellness company called Plexus. I take and LOVE their products. I share about it on Fb and answer people's questions. Easiest, most rewarding job besides being a mommy of course) that I've ever had.

R 1 like


Briana W 0 likes

Yeah I found it on indeed But you can go to http://www.jobtorch.com/jobs/m/register.jsp?CID=1933&job=Amazon&SID=JTHG00009

Mo D 1 like

Plexus Imma look into that!

Tia W 0 likes

I've heard thrive and advocare are good side businesses!

Jessie T 0 likes

Mo.. Email me and I can send you some info!! My goal is to help mommies stay home that want to!! Jntaberski@yahoo.com or creep me on facebook lol "Jessica Taberski"

Proud M 0 likes

Me too! I'm looking for work from home too

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