I went to Walmart yesterday with my 2 month old and he would not stop crying near the end and I couldn't get anything done! It was because he was hungry but I'm breastfeeding and it's hard to find a place to nurse him in public. Any advice on how to make it easier?

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I don't care where I am. I will nurse anywhere when my son is hungry. I put my cover on and away we go. Sure I've gotten some looks but I refuse to feed my son in the bathroom while I sit on a toilet.

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Get a carrier!! And if you're with someone at the store and don't have a carrier, you carry baby and nurse! I do the double shirt so my stomach isn't seen :)

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Breastfeeding in public is getting better lately (at least where I am) and there is no need to hide out anyway! I nurse LO anywhere!

Alicia C 1 like

If your uncomfortable doing it in public ask to use a change room. It is private and not gross like a public washroom. Some baby stores actually have mommy rooms for feeding/changing.

Megan C 1 like

Get a baby blanket or a cover up specifically for breastfeeding to cover everything up when in public. And don't let anyone make you feel like you are doing anything indecent. Breastfeeding is the natural and best way to feed baby. Society today is really failing to see that.

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I use a fitting room or I'll go back in my car and nurse baby and then back to shopping 👌😄

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They have a family bathroom. And if you ask, they have a room in the back. I worked there about a month ago and that was the rules on that.

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Use a fitting room and sit comfortably!

Mommy To L 0 likes

Fitting room or car that's what i do

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Oh wow I can't believe I never thought about that! Thank you so much (:

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