I was suppose to go on a trip with my baby girl and hubby was completely okay with it until MIL popped in and told him don't let her go anywhere she's your wife learn how to control her I am beyond pissed of my head is boiling with anger I mean wtf he agreed and cancelled my entire trip and now he's going to his country to visit his family how is this fair

Samantha H 3 likes

Wow that's crazy! Is he taking baby to "his country"?? If he is I'd say no(he has to get permission from you like a signed note to take your baby out of state/province even). I don't know what his nationality is but owning a woman is pretty ridiculous and I don't think I would continue my life with them if my hubby controlled me

Lacie C 8 likes

Book it again.. Pack your shit and go. He can't control you, so don't let him or your MIL. She needs to stay out of your business.

Jen B 3 likes

I would've said why were u going to let me go and now all of a sudden you're not just because she said something. Just book it again and go!

Crystal S 0 likes

She needs to mind her own business! U aren't a thing that needs to be controlled!!

Linsi M 4 likes

If he's not going to be there, who's going to stop you? And frankly who is she to say he has to control you?!? Book that trip & get going! Safe & happy travels!!

Marianne M 0 likes

Control you? Seriously? Obviously your not from the same country, but that doesn't excuse this. It's a really big deal and could snowball from here... First a trip, next a job, then who you talk to. I'd make sure you guys are on the same page and if this is a new pattern of how to treat women now that Your dd is here, I'd re-evaluate what you want long term.

Melanie K 3 likes

I agree! Who is she and who does he think he is. You are your own boss. I would be furious. Book it again and have fun. Cancel his trip

Kristin B 1 like

I am sorry that you are going through this. No one should have to be treated this way. Marriage is a partnership and you should feel you can talk to him. You are your own person, but you two should always consider each other's feelings. Talk it out girl!! Good luck.

Kaitlyn L 0 likes

He should be backing you not his mother. I have this same problem with my SO. My SO always goes back on his original thought any time his mom gets involved. It's mentally exhausting. Where is your husband from?

?Amanda? B 1 like

I'd be so angry, upset in this situation. I hope you can talk it out. Personally once I'd been told no I couldn't go I would be gone. But it's just I hate being told what to do.

KiKi B 0 likes

He's from Pakistan ladies n I'm from India πŸ˜•

Aprilbaby 0 likes

Grrr I got my account all screwed up. Forgot login tried to get back on and couldn't. Anyways just getting back to this. You love and trust your husband or else you wouldn't have married him and had a baby with him so can you try talking to him? When mil isn't there! Ask him why he changed his mind (don't be accusatory just tell him you want to understand). See how he responds. Not sure where you actually live now I would be nervous letting my little one go to any other country without me going

Aprilbaby 0 likes

Isn't clear from your question if it meant just him. Or him and your LO. Or all of you. If it's all of you maybe his mom just got onto him in her own way BC you were traveling and he hasn't tried to come see his family yet?!? He might just be trying to keep the peace. Shoot I don't even let my little one go longer than 2 or 3 hours without me there yet haha so I'm not good on that part of it. Thankfully it sounds like mil doesn't live near you? So while your trip got messed up this time maybe

Aprilbaby 0 likes

You won't have to deal with her or that kind of issue again anytime soon? The "control" comment would make me mad too, but my husband knows better than to think anyone controls me in that sense.

Aprilbaby 0 likes

Some men will always be Mommas boys!!! Keep your chin up

KiKi B 1 like

Baby is not going anywhere Becuz half of his fam there don't even know tht we r married they r hiding it for wat reason lord knows so yes baby stays with momma don't trust any1 Anymore there

Aprilbaby 0 likes

That sucks. Sounds like a not fun situation all the way around. Glad yall are staying home if you can't even let them know yall are married. Sorry momma keep your chin up and just keep you and your baby safe and happy.

KiKi B 0 likes

Trying n hanging in there thank u

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