I was scheduled to get a IUD today but cancelled my appointment I herd a lot of stories and it scared me. But now I don't know what type of Birth control method to take? Suggestions and what's worked for you ladies? I would really appreciate the advice!!

Amy D 2 likes

I liked the implant on the arm didn't hurt just bruised up but went away after a week or so

SMS1Love . 1 like

Amy Diaz how long is that for ?

Bridget S 1 like

I hate the pill. I was on it both times I got pregnant. Totally guna do something different. I go tomorrow toy 6 week check up so I'm guna talk to my doc about it

Shay 0 likes

I have the implant and love it. It's for 3 years. I spotted a little bit when I first got it. But forget it's even there.

SMS1Love . 1 like

I was on the pill before I had my daughter and it worked for me but sometimes I would forget to take it. That's why I wanted something different. I know everything works differently on everyone.

SMS1Love . 0 likes

Shay does it hurt when u put the implant ? I'll definitely look into it

Evie 1 like

Get the nexplanon! It's for 3 years. I'm on my second one. No periods (for me at least). Totally worth the pinch!

Bri E 0 likes

I had the mirena for 2 years and loved it!!! I only got it out because I was trying to conceive and after baby is born I will probably get it again

Everleigh's M 0 likes

Nexplannon is what I have. It's bruised for a week & tender but it passes quick. The numbing shot hurts more than the actual procedure.

Jessica J 0 likes

There are pros and cons with any BC but I've tried several including depo provera, nuvaring, and the pill (don't remember the brand) and Mirena and I loved the Mirena IUD. Slight soreness for a day, but it worked great. No side effects.

My N 0 likes

I dunno.. The IUD is the ONLY method of birth control that hasn't made me nuts, messed up my period or caused me to get ovarian cysts.

Rene M 1 like

Following. I hate the pills, I want something else but don't know what. I've been procrastinating making an appointment :/

Fabiola N 0 likes

I have the iud . Did not hurt a bit but i heard its different for everyone . Not had a problem at all . I like it

Caitlin V 0 likes

I've had the mirena for about 2 years and love it. I have a handful of periods in a year and no side effects.

Amy D 0 likes

Yeah it's 3 years and no it doesn't hurt but it's pretty scary it'll hurt like the next day. It'll bruise up but just more of an ach when you move your arm

Priscilla A 0 likes

I've used Depo for a year now so far things are good no gain weight, no periods and I go every 3 months so if I want to change my method after 3 months I can. The shot does burn some but it passes fast and the area stays sore for a few days.

Caitlin A 0 likes

Errin also know as the mini pill! Works great no side effects and just set and alarm in your phone. I set mine to go off at 4 everyday so I never forget :)!

Danie M 0 likes

I don't have suggestions but I have one on what not to take.. I'd stay away from nuva ring.. Me and a few other moms on here were hospitalized and almost died from it

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