I was reading that bilingual households causes LO's to say words later .. Could this be why my 9 month old really only babbles ? He does want to say papa but that's about it .

Brittney S 0 likes

My son turns 1 in exactly a month and he can't say anything and I've been working with him since like 3 months and we are not bilingual, well I am teaching sign language to my 2 year old daughter but not my son yet. Different kids are different my daughter was speaking at 1 and signing words.

Ashley L 2 likes

I wouldn't worry about your baby talking too much until closer to maybe 15 months. Especially if two languages is your concern. It will be extremely beneficial for your LO to be bilingual. 😊

Amanda B 3 likes

He's only 9 months! He's babbling! That's what he's suppose to be doing! At 12 months average babies say 2-3 words. They will come in time and fast as long as you keep talking to him. You've got lots of time- it doesn't feel like it but as long as your engaged with your LO it'll happen. I was worried too and all of sudden at 11 months my dtr started talking and now at 14 months is ahead of the game and talks/babbles away.

Cesty B 1 like

I don't agree w it because I talk to my son in Italian and English and he speaks more than a typical 16 month old n understands if I say it in either language lol It just teaches your kids so much more !!

Mom Of 5 1 like

9 months is pretty young to say much so I wouldn't worry. I guess in a way that would make since that it would take longer if your hearing2 words for everything but definitely a benefit in the end.

Gunner Danger's M 1 like

9 month olds don't really say words regardless. But typically yes bilingual babies do start speaking a little later because they have to integrate 2 languages. It's not a bad thing though.

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