I was given 3 months off maternity (I'm a teacher) and my coworker is gossiping about me, telling others I need to get back to work because I have a responsibility to my students blah blah blah. She also said, "It's not like she had a csection!" She has no kids. It makes my blood boil to think she can run her mouth off when I have the right to be out. What should I tell her?

Momma B 1 like

To mind her buisness

Boy M 2 likes

Oh that's so mean! Sorry she is doing that! Deep down inside maybe she's jealous and so saying this stuff makes her feel better. Try not to worry about her and enjoy your maternity leave with your sweet baby! And yes tell her to mind her own business!

Anitra M 6 likes

I wouldn't say anything. It isn't worth it! I would just go back with my head held high. You got to experience bringing life into this world and you should be proud! Don't let her take your joy!

La R 3 likes

Say nothing I'm a teacher too- there will always be people who are jealous of you for various reasons- it's just their way of wishing for, the things that you haveπŸ‘

Jamie 1 like

She is just jealous! Don't let her bother you it's not worth your time

Maria R 1 like

Its jealousy girl! How we Mexicans call it, invidia. Which is jealousy. Don't let it get to you. You just enjoy those 3 months of vacation that she wish she had. I'm pretty once you go back to work she will be pretending to be concerned about you and LO. You tell her what you need to say, mind your own business hun!

Riley's M 1 like

I would say nothing! I'm a teacher as well and took 12 weeks leave and have 4 weeks left (I did have a c-section, but would have taken 12 weeks regardless). She is clearly envious of what you have (I don't know if she's married or what not, but maybe she can't have kids, who knows). I would just leave it alone and continue being happy at home with your LO :) Congratulations!

Lee A 0 likes

Yea she pretends to be my best friends while at work but the second I leave she talks smack to my other friend. Nothing but negativity. I need to ask for a transfer.

Janae M 1 like

Tell her to kiss your ass and mind her damn business!!!

Rosie R 2 likes

to kiss your ass and mind her business!! I hate ppl like that I bet when she see you she gone be all nice with you πŸ˜…..

Lizzie M 1 like

Ignore her, be the better person and enjoy the time off with your love ones :) I'm also a teacher....

Sara C 1 like

She is a bitch, because that's what they do be friendly in front of you, then when you are not around they talk shit about you. Don't pay no mind because people like that don't need losing your breath over.

Alyson ? 1 like

She is jealous. You shouldn't say anything. A birth is a birth c section or not, and a baby is a baby. You're going to want to stay home and take care of your newborn as much as possible. Say nothing and mind your own business.

Cassandra K 1 like

F* off? Lol. No don't say that but you can totally think it.

Caitlin V 1 like

Don't say anything. Speak to your boss and talk to the other teachers/your friends and tell them you were surprised she is talking behind your back and express concern about what she says about everyone else. No one likes the idea that the office gossip is potentially talking about them too. Maybe even add in that you hope she finds more positivity in her life and less time to talk about others. Stay calm, polite, and positive all thru. She can't be a very good teacher AND running her mouth.

Caitlin V 1 like

But taking the higher road and not stooping her level will help people be more understanding to you and out her for what she really is- a jealous shrew who would rather gossip than do her job.

Kath D 1 like

Well no way around it I would tell her kiss my A**

Sarah F 1 like

Wtf dues she have kids? I want to smack her myself!

Lee A 2 likes

LOL no she doesn't have kids. She's dating a married man and has the nerve to call him her boyfriend. How pathedic!

Babygirl G 1 like

Tell her to mind her own business and that just because she doesnt understand doesnt mean she gets to be mean, that maybe shell understand one day and how it hurts to know that your being talked about and if shes rude tell her to keep your name outta her mouth, but i wouldnt keep her close because you dont need that in your life just be the bigger person cause you deserve only happiness at this time

Safia E 1 like

Obligations to students? There is a reason that ALL teachers in your district get the 3 months off. And why there are maternity substitutes to handle it while you're out! You need time to heal after. Vaginal birth needs just as much healing after...tell her I'm pushing a human out of my vagina! Since you're so obsessed with the situation maybe you want to take a look? Holy hell would I eat her alive!

Sarah U 1 like

Don't transfer for that b$$$$ take your maternity leave and return with a smile because your a good mom and she's a child

Lee A 0 likes

Haha great thoughts ladies! I love this app and everyone's support. Thanks. I feel better!! β€οΈπŸ‘β€οΈπŸ‘

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