I was about 118pounds before baby, went up to 158 with her, am now going down to 120ish a month later, no exercise just breastfeeding. Thing is I want to maintain atleast 140/135pounds. What should I eat/do?

JRT ! 2 likes

Remember that muscle weighs more than fat so anything to build muscle mass will give you the scale number you want. Protein would be good too....i envy you 😄

Mrs. M 0 likes

Lots of protein and maybe some weight training?

Heaven V 1 like

That happened to me to now I want to be in the 130 range but in 115 it's weird to be asking how to gain it not lose it!

Emma S 1 like

I've heard avocados are good for gaining weight.

Marianne M 0 likes

Make sure you're eating healthy fats and proteins. Know your bmi and track your calories against your goals. An app like myfitnesspal.com can help with that. Go for full fat yogurt in your smoothie or a little half and half in your coffee. Dairy can be your friend as long as you don't overdo it. Snack on nuts or granola and include meats and legumes in your diet several times a week.

Kai 1 0 likes

Ughh I hope I don't lose all my weight after I give birth. I was 120 prior n I'm 164 lbs at almost 39 weeks. I've struggled with gaining weight for years but from poor eating n being lazy when needing to take vitamins. Also it's genetic since my dads side is super skinny. Good luck with ur weight gain journey. Take vitamins and eat well. 💙😋🙏

Caitlin V 0 likes

Protein, avocados, and generally fatty veggies. You should be able to ask your doctor or Google diets to build muscle.

Racheal T 0 likes

Thanks mamas!!!

Melissa G 0 likes

I had the same issue. I was about 125 prepregnancy, gained about 20lbs and then lost 35. I've tried to gain it back, but nothing works. 14 weeks after birth and I'm still 10lbs down. Weird to want to GAIN weight! Lol

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