I want to move my LO to his crib in his own room. He is 3 months, ebf and sleeps in the crib during naps but with us at night. do you think that sleeping alone at night is damaging to a child? Are they any worse off as a toddler if they sleep in their crib instead of with momma? I am generally an advocate of attachment parenting but do not want to co sleep forever. TIA

Mommy T 1 like

Damaging how? My son is very clingy during the day but loves his own space to sleep. He's been sleeping in his crib since 5 months

Jessica L 0 likes

But you have to wake up like 1 or 3 am to sooth LO until it went back to sleep than you can put it back his crib than LO would sleeps there until morning!!! Well that's my experience I guess every one is different!!

J S 0 likes

Damaging? Of course not. As long as you tend to your baby he will trust you and know you will be there for him. Our second little boy sleeps in a bassinet next to us and is 2.5 months but will move to his crib next month (trying to get him to nap in crib this week to get used to it). I did the same with our 3.5 year old and he is a GREAT little boy and well loved.

Karrine D 1 like

If he's sleeping throughout the night than give the crib a try. You will feel more rested when he's in his own bed.

?Amanda? B 0 likes

My daughter sleeps in her crib since about 2 months. I think she sleeps better.

Linsi M 0 likes

My girls have been in their own cribs/room since 3 months. One of them got a tummy bug earlier this week & her & I slept in the guest room because she was vomiting. Neither one of us got much sleep (& it wasn't because of the vomiting), & she is a very affectionate little girl, so is her twin sister, they just do much better on their own space at night. They've been sleeping through the night since we put them in their own room.

Kells V 2 likes

OMG . Do it now . If a child is always sleeping with someone they become to attached and will never sleep alone . They will actually need someone sleeping with them all the time . You will never sleep alone again haha

Mel S 0 likes

We started our LO in crib for naps around 5 weeks and started nighttime around 6 weeks. She wakes up once or twice to eat but I think it's a much better rest for all of us! Sometimes she still ends up with us but what kids don't! Good luck with transition.

Lu L 0 likes

My son sleeps in his room/crib since he was 2 months. He sleeps so much better.

Christen A 0 likes

You would be so surprised how much they love their own space and how good it feels for them to stretch out and roll around in their own crib. I say the earlier the better! Just from personal experience šŸ‘

Melissa H 0 likes

My LO naps in her crib everyday but cries if she has to sleep there at night. Lol. She's almost 6MO. We've been working on her for a while now, and sometimes she will sleep there fine, but more often than not she ends up back in our room (in her cradle). I won't sleep with her anymore, she moves around too much! It'll happen eventually, just keep working at it and be consistent. The less stressed you are about it, the smoother the transition!

Debra C 0 likes

My little one has been in his crib since 4 weeks old and I wouldn't have changed a thing about what we did! Those who choose to co-sleep power to you but my personal opinion is its just one more thing you'll eventually need to wean them from later on. Plus when LO is in a crib everyone gets a better nights rest

Kendra B 0 likes

I started my son off sleeping in his own crib but every now and then he'd sleep with me. He sleeps I. His own bed now and he's 2. All I have to do is sing his song, kiss him and tell him I'll be back if he needs me, and he typically goes right to sleep. I personally think it's great for them to have independence with night time so when they're older they're not scared like I used to be.

Savannah L 0 likes

My lo hates sleeping with me even during nap time. As a new born we tried the bassinet than the swing in our room nothing worked. At 4 weeks moved her to the crib and she's been sleeping 12-13 hours a night without getting up. She's now 4 months and happy as can be !

Leah M 0 likes

Thank you all! We have a monitor and of course I will tend to him when he wakes in the middle of the night. I just didn't know if 3 months was too soon to move him especially because he's used to sleeping with us.

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