I want to be a stay at home mom so I've been trying to look at jobs I can do from home. Any ideas, suggestions, or advice? Any stay at home mamas working from home?

Danie M 3 likes

What about watching a kid or two in your home?

Krisdi R 3 likes

I live in a one bedroom apartment with my fiancΓ© so there isn't much room

Alex K 2 likes

I was doing the same thing! I just started selling Younique and absolutely love it! You can email me for more info if you'd like! Alexandria.mcardle@yahoo.com ❀️

Coryn P 5 likes

Gonna follow this question for my benefit as well. I hate that I don't make money to contribute.

Angela M 1 like

I am an after school nanny for a couple of boys. I take my daughter to their house for about 2.5 hours everyday. I used Care.com to be matched with this awesome family.

Jesica . 4 likes

If would like ideas on this too, I'm a SAHM and since having my son bf pushes me out of everything to do with finances and spends money so much without telling me even after I ask him not to buy certain things and to stop lending so much money out right before Christmas. I would like a work from home job so I can contribute and have a reserve stash for when he spends money when he shouldn't.

Alex K 2 likes

You can email me as well Coryn! It's seriously so easy and fun. It's all natural makeup. I started 4 days ago and I've made $60. Not much but you kinda have to build your clientele.

Dorothy S 1 like

I know it sucks I got laid off after I gave birth , collected unemployment for 6 months wasn't much but it helped now I'm trying to look for something as well. Good Luck. If I hear about anything I'll let you know.

Alex K 1 like

Or add me on Instagram 😊 @youniquebyalex

A A 1 like

You ever think of mystery shopping?

Mama V 1 like

I have a friend who does those wraps with it works also a cousin who sells essential oils through young living. They both do pretty well with them! Also you could do jewelry like lia Sophia or cookie lee. My co worker also has a vinyl cutter so she makes crafts and vinyl lettering and sells them at expos. Hope this helped!

Krisdi R 1 like

What's mystery shopping?

Wendy B 1 like

Ladies try arise.com I haven't been able to do it but this is to be a customer service rep and there are many companies like sprint, Disney cruise lines etc.

Ashley H 1 like

Following as well.

Christie P 1 like

Oh my goodness I'm from Dawson springs ky but live in Indiana. I am a SAHM of 4 daughters. I am a team leader in Mary Kay. I make about $1000 extra a month to contribute to my family. Please email me or text me. Cbrown0272@gmail.com 3175122327

Coryn P 2 likes

I've tried Avon and Mary Kay and had no success. I'm not a salesperson haha.

Krisdi R 1 like

Christie I emailed you

Christie P 0 likes

Got it!! I emailed you back. :)

Jules M 0 likes

I just got a job doing invoices for a medical sales company. I can do it all from home! If you have bookkeeping experience you can market yourself to small companies. You just need to go in a couple times a month to pick up paperwork. Also insurance co hire people to do claims from home!

A A 1 like

Mystery shopping is when you go shopping and get paid for it. You have to pay up front then the company pays you back plus extra for doing the shop. I only go through the ones that pay through PayPal.

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