I think my baby has lice how do I get rid of them?

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Cover their hair in baby oil for 24 hours then you will have to sit and comb out LO hair with a lice comb. If any survived put it in alcohol

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Wash her hair, and comb it with that lice comb, if you see the little eggs or legs crush them with your fingernail, so that they die and can't get in anyone else's hair

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When I was little, my entire family got lice... TWICE! It was horrible and embarrassing. My mom would spend literally 30 mins-an hour on each of our heads, trying to pick out the knits (eggs) and the live bugs. Not to mention there were 7 of us kids at the time.. The way we got rid of ours was using the nix brand shampoo, and soaking our heads for two days at a time alternating with olive oil and mayonnaise... Yes it's very gross but it killed the live bugs and made it easier to get out the eggs

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Try to pick out as much as you possibly can, then Lather up baby's head in the olive oil or mayo, and put a shower cap over their head. Leave it on for a 1-2 days, wash it out and repeat the process till you have good results. Or you can call your baby's pediatrician and see what their options are. Good luck mamma, lice is no fun at all.

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I like cetaphil same way

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Vaseline suffocates lice and it's safe for baby.

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Poor baby is just six months

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Mayo look up online and it tells you what to do

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