I think I'm producing a lot less milk and my LO is screaming probably because they are hungry. What is the best formula to get I've never bought any and I don't know what to do about my milk right at this moment with him screaming. I'm extremely sleep deprived. Help :(


I used Gerber good start protect. My sister used Gerber good start gentle. Maybe try lactation cookies?

Mandy-Lynn R 1 like

I used to use enfamil newborn and infant, and now I use enfamil gentlease

Keely P 3 likes

Our milk is made by supply in demand. So whatever your baby needs is what your body will make. I would've try supplementing. I had moments with all 4 of my boys when I thought maybe I wasn't making enough but I promise you are. Just drink a lot of water! Your supply will build. I always fed when they were hungry, not on a schedule. Hope that helps. :) Maybe he's gassy or tired. Sometimes they are just restless.

Destiney R 3 likes

How old is your lo ? They may be ready for food! There are ways to fix your milk! Don't do formula, can mess babies tummy up! Drink LOTS of water , eats fruits , and veggies ! There is a vitamin to take called fenugreek that helps produce more Mille supply , also cookies and drinks (Google). Stay determined mama! You can do this ! Try pumping as often as possible too! It will help pick up supply!!

Meghan S 0 likes

Pumping increased my supply

Tonya M 2 likes

Fenugreek!!! It's an all natural organic vitamin! I used it and it worked great! Took a few days! Also make sure you're pumping after every feeding! Pump at least ten minutes after the milk stops coming out. The more stimulation the more milk you'll make! Good luck πŸ˜‰ Try that first before starting formula! Try oatmeal cereal (depending on age) to use as a filler a couple times a day until your milk supply comes back!!!

Xiomara L 0 likes

Holle organic is the best, no gmo is made in germany

Makenzie J 0 likes

He's only a week old :( I feel like I'm failing at feeding him. He's always hungry and crus after I feed him like he didn't get enough

Richele V 0 likes

Have u used a supplement for milk production? I dried up within three weeks and started using it and I started producing within 6 days

Tonya M 3 likes

It's normal not to be making that much right now!! Just keep your head up and stay positive!! Milk supply doesn't even come in for 3-5 days! It will get better I promise if u stick to it!!!

Miranda R 1 like

You're not failing mama!! You're doing great. You're LO is still so new; only 1 week old! At that age babies just cry. Even if you meet all of their needs (feeding, diaper change, burp, cuddles, etc), they still may continue to cry because they're getting used to this strange world. They're used to the comfort of your womb. So the problem might not even be that your milk supply is low. Try watching "The Happiest Baby on The Block" on YouTube. Good luck.

Stephanie M 1 like

You can supplment with supplement formula by simlac it wont hurt his tummy but keep trying to bf if after you bf he seems like he hasnt had enough and he empty your breast just give him 2 oz of supplment formula if you are worryed about nipple confusion you can feed him formula out of medicine cup i had to your baby can get very dehydrated I understand people want you to bf and not feed him formula that is fine but they are not thinking about your baby my baby ended up in the hospital atπŸ‘‡

Stephanie M 1 like

A week old from dehydration its ok to supplement for a little bit untill you can get your milk back up and running good luck mama trust your gut you know whats best trust me

Ri R 1 like

Is your little one having dirty/wet diapers? If he is, then you're doing fine! All breastfeeding moms worry that we're not giving our LO enough. Keep on nursing and as long as he has 5 wet/ dirty diapers a day, you are good. He's still so new and adjusting to his new environment. Babies that new can be over stimulated super easily. Have you tried feeding him in a quiet place and maybe have some white noise?

Tricia B 1 like

Entail gentle ease. The powder the ready to use stuff freaked me out

Makenzie J 0 likes

Thank you and he has jaundice so the doctor already suggested using formula after I bf him to make him poop more to get it out of his system. If he doesn't get this out of his system he could end up back in the hospital and we already have to go back tomorrow cause his levels are high still.

Ri R 1 like

Awww one of my friends son had that. My Pedi recommended Enfamil Newborn but a lot of my friends swear by Gerber Gentle or something like that. Good luck and really hope your little nugget gets better soon!

M. S 1 like

At a week old your milk has barely even come in fully. Just keep putting baby to the breast and your body will take the cue and produce as much milk as is needed. LO could totally by gassy or just fussy.. Have you tried giving a soother/pacifier and swaddling tightly?

Cali^Mom F 0 likes

Call your insurance, doctor or La Leche League and get an appt with a lactation consultant. They can help you determine if baby is getting enough by weighing him before and after a feeding. They'll also check that your latch is correct and give you tips to help. Don't give up on breastfeeding yet! It took us 5 weeks to get going but now my DD is 12 mo and still nursing. I remember how hard the first weeks were and how much I cried but it's worth it to stick with it.

Kelli W 0 likes

The first two months are the hardest! Stuck with breastfeeding and no formula! You're making enough :)

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