I think I want to have a gender reveal party when I find out what I'm having. ( granted it going to be in 7 weeks or more til that happens so I have plenty of time to plan ) Does anyone have any ideas as to things I should do for it. I've seen a lot of things on Pinterest but none that I " just have to have " at my reveal .

Stephanie A 1 like

My cousin's sister filled a black ballon with confetti and the mom and dad to be popped it...that's the only one I don't remember seeing on Pinterest

Vanessa M 3 likes

I've seen someone started with a big box covered with blue wrapping paper, then inside was a bit smaller box with pink wrapping paper and it continues until they got to the smallest box pulling out something that was gender specific by color that the baby could use.

Michelle W 1 like

Pinterest has tons of ideas

G S 1 like

Colored balloons released out of a box :)

Mr. And Mrs. C 1 like

We had cupcakes with pink icing in the middle to reveal once they took a bite. Also when we took pictures we took one with me chewing pink gum and blowing a bubble and my dh blowing a blue bubble. The next pic was that hid blue bubble was popped showing it was a girl

Amanda G 1 like

We decorated a cardboard box with it saying "boy or girl?" on the outside and had blue and pink polka dots all over it. Inside the box we filled up pink balloons with helium so they would float up when husband and I opened the box.

Julia B 1 like

A big box with pink and blue on it, bubbles, stripes, whichever you prefer and then balloons of the gender inside the box. So when you open it you'll have either pink or blue! I think that's super cute!

Alison P 1 like

I baked a two layer cake. Cut out the center after it was cooled and filled it with pink mnm's. This is where I got the idea. http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/1200x/6c/01/91/6c0191db80e0bfd7b46aaaa4c478750e.jpg

Becky W 1 like

We had pink and blue cupcakes and the color icing on the inside. And we had everyone wear pink or blue. We also did a gift to our grandparents, an outfit for them to open. We were blue, so it was priceless to see everyone's reaction for those who were rooting for a girl.

Ronnie R 1 like

I would do it as maybe part of your baby shower. I knew I was having a boy and didn't get too many boy things it was all neutral like diapers, socks, soap etc. Then you can plan your baby shower how you want and have that just be part of it.

Mama D 0 likes

Thank you for the ideas everyone ! I was thinkng about making a cake, or cupcakes with either pink or blue icing on the inside, but I wanna do something over the top cute for the reveal lol I was thinking about sending the grandparents( our parents) on a scavenger hunt with clues until they've found the gender one ( that way they know first ?) and having them come back out after they find it and know , and then release balloons for everyone to know but I'm not sure yet

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