I think hubby wants me to eventually quit my job, once we have the baby. For a number of reasons it scares me to DEATH. Anyone out there been a working woman most her life and then face these crossroads and became a stay at home mom? How did it work out? I am a bit terrified by the idea 😳

Ruby H 0 likes

It is a bit hard to not be working but it's better you get to enjoy your LO first everything you will love it once you get use to it

Kylies M 0 likes

Yes me .. I just quit my job in January when I had my kylie. I've always been working but my fiancé wanted me to quit so he can take care of us and he's doing a great job but yes at first it was scary

Danie M 3 likes

I was like that but once my baby was born it was like instinct that I wanted to be home with her and protect her, I felt like no one could take care of her like me, I loved it

Caroline C 0 likes

I was the same way. The thought of not working made me crazy. Now that I have spent the past 6 weeks at home with my son I am finding the thought of working full time again in not so appealing. I definitely will work again but not as many days/hours.

Melissa S 1 like

I felt the same way! I've worked all my life! I was mostly concerned about the thought of having to explain my purchases or feel like I needed to explain them, and not feeling like I'm contributing. Before the baby arrived we merged all our bank accounts to cut back on bank fees etc. It was an adjustment at first for sure, but after realizing all the work that comes with a baby and maintaining the house on top of that I don't even stress anymore. Although I do use cash more when buying items!LOL

C M 0 likes

Not by choice, but yes. I had a good paying professional job which I lost when I was prego. I love staying home w the kids, but it is tough financially. I wish I could have both. :)

M C 1 like

It was a weird change for me. I knew I didn't want to stay at my job because my commute was horrible and I was out of the house 12-14 hours a day. I knew I wouldn't want that once my son was born. He's 9 months and there's been days where it's just weird not being as social or working and not having the money was stressful for awhile. I started working with Rodan + Fields, which is flexible with time, from home, something new and helped with the money stress! You have to do what's best for you!

Baby M 1 like

I gave up 90,000 a year to stay home. No regrets. Still doing online classes for my masters. We cut a ton of costs and i am so happy

Shannon S 1 like

I wish I could afford to just be a stay at home mom....Id love it. Don't get me wrong I love to work and I have always worked since being a teenager, but watching your kids grow is just amazing. I'm reaching the end of my year mat leave and really don't know what I'm gonna do when I have to go back to work...

Tonya M 0 likes

I was a full time worker since I was 15! Always had a steady job! Then decided it wasn't worth going back to work! I was freaked out too! Trust me, it is soooo worth it!!!! Just keep busy!

Sarah N 0 likes

I have always had a full time job since i started working! I love my job!! I thought I would be bored out of my mind without a job but when I had to return to work and put my LO in daycare, it was the saddest day of my life ; wish I could be a SAHM after all!!! Maybe one day 😊

Irasema Y 1 like

I have worked since 15 yo (27 at the time) to be honest i cant stay at home. The 2 months that i was at home almost drove me crazy. Plus i am so independent that i cant depend on my hubby if i want to go out and buy random stuff for me and the kids. I love my baby boy and he is in good hands, my mom takes care of him. If I ever become a SAHM I would have to do something to afford money.

Jessica C 0 likes

I hate it! I love my kids and don't know when I'm going back to work. Lo is 5ms and we don't have any family or friends near by. And I don't trust a babysitter yet. I hate spending time away from my kids but I can't stay home and not work! It's so hard! I use to work 3jobs and go to school and now I'm SAHM :( it doesn't work for me.

Momma H 0 likes

Me, I hated it at first bc this is the hardest job I've every had (mind you I worked in an ER overnights) and feel like people look at me as lazy bc I'm a SAHM! it's beyond frustrating!I struggled with my independence and confidence bc I didn't feel like the strong woman I once was or that all this work I do is nonsense. Then after awhile I stopped struggling with myself! Everything I do is for my kids and I now take pride in knowing I rise them... Most important job il ever have!

Sho M 0 likes

I'm going through this right now. My job was important to me before my LO, but now my LO is who I want to focus on. My husband and I are looking at our finances to see if I can work less.

Momma H 0 likes

I too gave up a hefty salary... but once they head off to school I plan to go back. They grow so quick the first few years I don't want to miss milestones! Lol

Brianna 0 likes

I did but after a year I had to get back to work. I feel as though if you're capable of working, you should. My husband makes more than enough to pay the bills but I felt like a mooch not making my own money. I think because my mom was a single mother and worked her ass off, I have it in my head that women shouldn't have to rely on a man. I miss being a SAHM now though haha

Katie R 0 likes

Yes, I'm the person who worked 3 jobs most of the time an over 60 hrs a week, I am now a stay at home mom and I wouldn't change it for any amount of money! I get to witness all the firsts and exciting moments. I am very grateful for my husband being as hard working as he is so I can stay home

Alofa H 0 likes

My last day of work is on April 9th!! I'm super nervous and idk how I'm going to handle the financial restrictions o_O but I'm four months pregnant and were getting relocated for my fiancés job to New Orleans and unless I get a easy job on base with less stress than my current job (currently a bookkeeper) I wont be working till long after the baby is born:) excited to raise our baby but nervous because I might go crazy with no job not being use to it!

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