I see a lot of mamas sleeping with their babies. I am frightened of SIDS but so badly want to cuddle up next to my baby. Is it okay to sleep with your baby? Does age matter? He is a week old by the way πŸ’•

Kasey P 2 likes

If you are a heavy sleeper or move a lot in your sleep, I wouldn't. The danger is rolling over on your baby or accidentally smothering them. I personally slept with my LO from day one, though.

Skylar K 4 likes

With my first I started sleeping with her around 5 weeks but with my second I started in the hospital! It's all up to you, if you're a heavy sleeper and think you might roll over on baby then co sleeping might not be for you :p if you're not an extremely heavy sleeper and don't feel worried about rolling on the baby then go for it! I get a lot more sleep with my baby next to me rather than in her crib. Especially nice if you're breastfeeding too!

C L 1 like

I slept with my LO since the day he was born. 9 out of 10 co-sleeping accidents are due to drugs and alcohol. Just make sure the blankets aren't up near his face and if you don't move a lot in your sleep. My LO slept right in the crook of my arm. Just now at 4 months I've moved him into his own space since he wasn't sleeping well with us anymore. We loved snuggling! ☺️

Danie M 3 likes

You could always get a baby co sleeper "bed" to put in the middle of your bed so you cant roll over on the baby

Michele B 1 like

I say cuddle! Cosleeping can absolutely be done safely! We did from day one until she was 9 months. :)

Kim T 0 likes

My lo has slept next to since she was born. I usually would start her in her crib but as she woke up during the night I brought her in with me. It makes it nice to not have to get up cause she is right next to you

Erika S 0 likes

I have 3 kids and never sleep with them until they were a little older. In my opinion is better have them sleep in their crib, i think they're more comfortable when they have their own little space!!

Mandy A 0 likes

As long as you make sure there aren't pillows or blankets around their face so they can breathe, you should be okay (:

Chelsey H 1 like

I know a lot of moms co-sleep but it really is a high risk factor for SIDS. Baby's safety is number 1. http://m.today.com/health/co-sleeping-linked-infant-deaths-bed-sharing-remains-popular-1D79912957

Alex K 0 likes

I started once my son could roll over on his own and could pull things off of his face. But honestly I wish I started sooner because he sleeps SO MUCH BETTER. Good luck!

Pretty Me L 9 likes

No it's not ok at least not for me my friends baby just passed away he was 3 mths I just couldn't imagine waking up to lifeless baby and it possibly being my fault. But I will cuddle in a heartbeat love my snuggle time!

Sofie D 4 likes

I would never be able to fall asleep with my LO in bed. I would be to afraid to crush her, and I'm a light sleeper. I wake up from the dog looking at me having to go out, lol. I keep baby in a bassinet right next to my bed.

Kursten D 0 likes

Moms have been sleeping with their babies forever. I didn't with my first, but it made such an awesome difference with my second! I actually get a full nights sleep because he will latch on and nurse on his own! Only cation I have is have them sleep just next to you-not in between you and your husband. That way you can make sure he doesn't squash the baby. They don't have the same intuition as us. Plus you can make sure there are no blankets on them. Enjoy some sleep!

Marianne M 0 likes

I was afraid to at first (she slept next to me in a co sleeper), but after sleep regressions I wasn't getting any sleep and brought her to bed. We are both so much happier now. As long as you make a safe environment, it's totally ok. http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/health-concerns/sleep-problems/sleep-safety/cosleeping-safely Mommas have been sleeping with babies since the dawn of time and only in the last century that so called experts decided this was wrong. It's natural and ideal.

Krista M 0 likes

I recommend propping LO on a boppy next to you. When I let mine sleep with me since I nurse I found him once with his face nuzzled in my chest. He was fine but it did scare me a little.

Aliyah L 1 like

My LO only uses her crib for daytime naps, she's slept with me every night since she was born lol. The thing about SIDS is, they don't really know whAt causes it, its just sudden, my LO turns on her face sometimes & im much more aware of it with her right next to me. I wouldn't even know if she were in the crib.

Autumn B 2 likes

Yes! And if you're worried about rolling over they have cosleeping beds that have slight rails so you don't but baby is still in your bed. Otherwise sleep away! You'll be so hyper aware of your baby anyway. Also, SIDS is not related to cosleeping (in fact there are no instances of SIDS with cosleeping). It's called SIDS because it's sudden and there is no direct link or cause of it. Personally I think cosleeping is the best, especially if you are BF!

Sam B 0 likes

New research says co sleeping is the best for babys Read this article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2054393/Bad-news-dads-Babies-share-mothers-bed-age-good-hearts.html

penelope d 0 likes

too each their own! personally, i love it and value our cuddle time very much. we have been co-sleeping with our little one tucked in between us and we haven't had a hitch since he was born, he is 3mnths! although now we are currently getting him used to napping in his crib so when in a few months time we decide to have him sleep on his own, the transition won't be so difficult or unfamiliar to him! :)

Sarah V 0 likes

I've been sleeping in the bed with my son since he was born. & he's 2 weeks old. Sometimes my son just wants to feel me and won't sleep anywhere else for that reason. Cuddling with him has been some of the best night's sleep I've ever gotten. πŸ’—

Erin B 0 likes

With my first 2 I was too scared to now with my third she sleeps on my chest on bed.

Breezie T 0 likes

My LO has been sleeping in my chest since I brought him home . I've tried everything to have him sleep alone . It doesn't work if he's not on my chest we don't sleep .

Khati R 0 likes

My Lo sleeps with me, I am not s deep sleeper, If she moves her head I wake up right away and also I don't move a lot, after read a lot about SIDS so I pay more attention. You know about yourself how you sleep then it would not be a problem, you will love it

Alyssa T 0 likes

I was a heavy sleeper n let mine sleep with me she kicked me more then i could move id say try a nap with your LO first before a nights rest

Pretty Me L 0 likes

I have to disagree when anyone suffocate they call it sudden. SIDS is unknown but happens while sleeping so regardless if it's just something sudden waking up to a dead baby next me I would lose it call it what u want I call it stop breathing = suffocated= smothered. PERIOD

Austin S 0 likes

They've done studies showing that cosleeping is better for babies and the percent of babies who did die of SIDS cosleeping vs sleeping in the crib- them sleeping by the self had more cases.

Stephanie W 2 likes

I feel cosleeping is one of the most natural and instinctual thing to do with a baby.

Isa R 0 likes

It's so healthy for your baby. He was inside you for about 9 months anyways :)

Makena H 0 likes

Wonderful πŸ‘Œ thank you all for your knowledge on this! It's much appreciated!

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