I saw a girl at a park who was a babysitter and young like 18 but very good with the kid. We need a sitter. She is cheap but doesn't know CPR. Hubby doesn't want her because of it. But money is tight so a really experiance sitter may charge a lot more.. I feel like interaction with the kid is really important and she was great. What do I do?

Tonya M 5 likes

You can always teach her how to do CPR if you know how! I think that would be your best bet

sonni s 4 likes

you can have her certified , its not that expensive to do , maybe you can pay for it . idk just an idea ,

Danie M 1 like

Ask her if she'd be willing to take a course

Kiegan's M 1 like

Fire departments sometimes offer courses too But it's cheap like $40!!

CiCi's M 1 like

Yeah, I was gonna say the fire department of she's willing. It might even be free!

MamaBear 0 likes

Pay to have her CPR certified

Meghan B 0 likes

Many hospitals offer it for cheap if you really want her you could offer to pay for it

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